9.8.13 … I see beautiful wildflowers. I see the clear blue sky. I see the sun …

“Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013  labyrinth walks,  Community United Church of Christ – Boulder CO:
I am totally overdressed. I was hoping the weather would turn today, but it is 9 o’clock and already hot. I sought out an 11-circuit labyrinth because I find that style the most meditative.  From the parking lot you can see the Flat Irons and a large solar panel … Boulder!
IMG_8156 IMG_8127
The labyrinth is on the far side of the church so that you cannot see the Flatirons, but the setting is still lovely. It is surrounded by a wild flower garden.  This labyrinth uses local stones to form the barriers and pebbles for the path. It is definitely one that you cannot walk barefoot.
IMG_8130  IMG_8131
IMG_8146 IMG_8139  IMG_8137
 IMG_8136 IMG_8135
IMG_8138 IMG_8134
I decided I would use my psalm mantra “be still and know that I am God” and pause at each turn for today’s walk.
It is working to calm me down since I have very anxious thoughts today.
I walk in and out of the shade which is something I really love when walking a labyrinth. I have noticed before that when I do this, I change my breathing and walking pace when I’m in the heat versus when I’m in the shade.
What do I hear? I hear birds. I hear car traffic. I hear bicycle traffic and the people riding the bicycles talking loudly to each other.
What do I see?  I see beautiful wildflowers. I see the clear blue sky.  I see the sun.
What do I feel? I feel the sun.  I feel  a slight breeze blowing.
What do I know?  I know that I am trying to make things work. I know that I have support. I know that I am loved.
IMG_8145 IMG_8143
I am amazed it is 9 AM on a Sunday morning and there is no one here at this church. I wonder when they have services.  I wonder around the church to see what is up … (And thy have a Peace Pole … That’s two Labyrinth/Peace Pole combos or Boulder!
   IMG_8155   IMG_8147
IMG_8152 IMG_8151 IMG_8150

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