9.12.13 … bearing arms v. arming bears … and I am not pushy, but probably cheap ….

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My day began with breakfast at the White House with the siblings and mom.
I had a unique experience at the White House. I knew that the White House is a favorite of my brother. But when we walked in and sat down, our usual waitress walked up to us and asked us if our brother would be joining us. I have been identified as my parents’ child, as my husband’s wife, as my children’s mom (even as my beasts’ owner) and as my sister’s sister (and mistaken as my sister – we look alike), but I have never been identified solely as my brother’s sister. Not bad, but different.
Wifi choice: White House or Brazilian Wax  … The latter just makes my skin crawl … i don’t think I would try to steal their wifi …
We had a great chat about all things political and other family issues including my nephew’s recent engagement! Among other things we discussed our positions on:
guns and gun rights: I was clearly in the minority on this one.  I did learn that my sister’s husband was given my great-grandfather’s gun, an antique, and had had it restored.  My mother had worried the gun had been stolen at some point.  With all she had going on in 2001 with my dad, it totally made sense that she had forgotten this. We laughed about coyotes in Cobb Co. and “bearing arms v. arming bears.”  We have a strange sense of humor.

JJ Dennard was not a farmer:  OK, this is my great-grandfather, and he owned some huge amount of acreage in Wilcox Co GA and died in 1914, long before my mother was born.  And he certainly farmed, but in her mind he was a businessman.  He had an office in town, and he owned a cotton gin and a turpentine business.  He also was a principal in the town’s bank.  Farming was secondary. I never thought about it.  My grandfather inherited his farmland from his father and bought or managed the inherited farms of several of his brothers and sisters.   So my great-grandfather was a businessman and my grandfather a farmer. 🙂
pushy:  Lindseys are not pushy.  End of discussion.
tipping:  I am cheap.  My son who is working in the resort industry made this clear to me.  My siblings agreed with him.
After breakfast, Mom and I ventured out of the White House to the labyrinth at the Cathedral of St. Philip.  My mom always comments as we drive on the beauty of Atlanta.  I was waiting for her to say this, but instead, as we drove by one of Atlanta’s historical markers, my mom commented that the Battle of Atlanta had been on her mind. The Battle of Atlanta was in the summer of 1864.  Here’s the marker on Andrews that prompted our history digression:


July 18, 1864.Ward`s 3d div., 20th A. C. moved to this position from Pace`s Fy. to occupy the sector on the immediate right of Howard`s 4th Corps which had marched from Power`s Fy., reaching Buckhead at noon.

The other two 20th A. C. divisions were aligned W. on Pace`s Fy. Rd. These, together with the three divisions of the 14th A. C., continued the Federal line to the Chattahoochee River.

July 19. Ward remained in camp here while his pioneer corps constructed bridges at Peachtree Creek where his troops crossed the next day to the battlefield of Peachtree Creek along Collier Road.



via Georgia Marker.

On Andrews, we slowed down and looked over at the house that had been home to my Aunt T and Uncle Johnny for many years … many great memories at that home … Easter egg hunts and Christmas Festival of Greed gatherings  every year.
At the labyrinth, there were others on the labyrinth today, a first. It was such a beautiful morning that  I didn’t  mind sharing.
  IMG_8209 IMG_8207
As is often the case, I realized that I am super sensitive to sights and sounds.  I saw sunshine, a lone magnolia bloom on the tree and a few fall leaves on the labyrinth.  I heard sirens, men talking (there must have been a men’s breakfast this morning), lawn mowers, the rustling of a brown leaf under my foot, birds chirping, more talking, and lastly, water flowing from a hose …
 IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8212 IMG_8213
I introduced myself to the group.  One was a member of the  labyrinth committee and a trained facilitator.  She has done Lauren Artress’ training at Chartres 3x.  I’m jealous!  She told me that Rev. Artress will be the speaker for the Cathedral’s Spirituality Conference in October 2014.  I’m putting it on my calendar.
On our way back, we ventured by the Swan House, then up West Paces, cut over to Peachtree, ran in Target and then home.
Did you know there are two luxury pre-owned watch stores in Buckhead?  I have never seen one anywhere else.  Is that not a little odd?  A clear example of conspicuous consumption …

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