9.20.13 … I love Texans, but I learned: don’t mess with Texans! (And I don’t get the mum thing) :) …

Texans, mums, high school:  Don’t mess with Texans!   I made fun of a friend who posted a picture of their daughter with the homecoming mum thing … they did not understand why it was so funny to me.

3. If you had/have a collection of mums

Image Via The Christys

I don’t know exactly how the Mum thing started in Texas, but it’s definitely a big deal. So big in fact that there are folks who call themselves professional Mum makers in a lot of Texas towns and mum making supplies at stores all over our state.

Via Texas Barbee Doll

Status in High Schools in Texas is based on how big of a mum you got. It’s a fact. The bigger and crazier the better. Heck, there are some that have flashing lights and make sounds!

4. You can’t believe that people outside of Texas don’t do the mum/corsage thing

I remember the first time I found out that people in other states didn’t do the Homecoming Mum thing I was floored. I grew up assuming that everyone did it. The truth is, it’s basically just a Texas thing. In fact, there are people that have moved here from out of state and are still baffled by it. Crazy right?

via 16 Signs You Went To School In Texas.

A few comments from Texas friends …

I have been here TEN years now…. and I can say for sure that TEXAS IS A STATE OF MIND! LOL

 I was glad that my girls thought the mums were pretty awful when they were in Texas high schools!

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