9.26.13 … Reveille vs. Revelry vs. Reverie …

Reveille Cafe, Marietta GA, kith/kin, Driving Mama Lindsey: I took my mom to lunch with my sister in Marietta.  My sister sent me the name of the restaurant.  I laughed.  I had no idea how to pronounce it or that it meant what it meant.  i was expecting a French bistro! But it was a great breakfast oriented diner. 🙂



Reveille “rev-uh-lee” noun

1.wake-up call:the sounding of a bugle to awaken military personnel

2. signal to awake: any signal that it is time to get out of bed

Alteration of French réveillez “wake up!

via Reveille Cafe.

Word Tidbits: Reveille vs. Revelry vs. ReverieA recent incident sparked this post: I heard someone singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B and, yet again, use the word revelry instead of reveille. I thought perhaps I should point out to folks that the two words have absolutely nothing to do with one another. If you substitute one for the other youll be blowing nonsense. Then I thought of reverie, a third word that sounds similar but, again, has a very different meaning.Reveille, as you may guess from the spelling, comes to us from the French imperative réveillez with its understood vous. If you shout, “Réveillez!” you mean, “Wake up!” The term in English refers to both the bugle call at sunrise that signals time for troops to form up and the actual formation that results. Thus when the Bugle Boy of Company B plays reveille in boogie woogie fashion it makes the company jump to its positions and perhaps dance about once there.Now, should Bugle Boy, whom Ill just call BB to save repetition, get those soldiers jumping they may turn to revelry instead of standing at attention as they should. Revelry pretty well opposes military order and discipline. Its the word for partying, merrrymaking, and general festive good times. I suppose BB could play a song called Revelry but thats not what The Andrews Sisters meant.Reverie stands utterly opposed to both revelry and the focus of soldiers organizing themselves into ranks. Rather than stiff attention or cheery dancing, someone in a reverie daydreams, is lost in thought and as likely to bump into his or her fellows as anything else. As its early in the morning I suppose some of the troops might be lost in reverie, their minds still in their beds and on their dreams. But if BB blows something so mellow and emotive as to encourage that condition the company will never get into reveille.Thus you can see that our vigilant BB leaps from his bunk to play reveille at the base of the flag, not to incite revelry or plunge his fellows into reverie. If he gets a little boogie into the steps of the others perhaps that enthusiasm would be no bad thing. But partying and woolgathering have no place in forming up ranks at the crack of dawn, whatever soldiers do on their off time. Click the song name above to find a series of different versions of the song. En Vogue manages to have poor BB playing reverie. You may be rolling your eyes as much as I did when I heard it.

via One Step Forward: Word Tidbits: Reveille vs. Revelry vs. Reverie.

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