9.26.13 … woohoo … John’s taking a staycation … me, not so much …

staycation, Reedy Creek Park: So exactly what is a “staycation”?

A staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night. They might make day trips to local tourist sites, swimming venues, or engage in fun activities such as horseback riding, paintball, hiking or visiting museums. Most of the time it involves dining out more frequently than usual. Some people may include one or two overnight visits at relatives, friends or a longer trip. Staycations achieved popularity in the US during the financial crisis of 2007–2010.[1][2]

via Staycation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And what are “we” doing?  I get to walk/hike with him daily. 🙂

So Wednesday, we ventured to Reedy Creek Park …


IMG_8267 IMG_8266

 IMG_8268 IMG_8272_2 IMG_8270

 IMG_8272 IMG_8271

IMG_8279 IMG_8276




And here is a little background for you:

History and Description

The area that is now known as Reedy Creek Nature Preserve has long been used by humans. Native American artifacts have been discovered from the preserve dating back to the Woodland period. John Selwyn received a land grant from King George and occupied the area from around 1745 to 1767. The land was sold to the Robinson family and the Robinson Rock House was built in the late 1700’s. Over the next 200 years the land was subdivided and owned or occupied by several families including the Teeters, Norketts, Griers, Wallaces, and McLaughlins.

In 1981, the City of Charlotte purchased the land and created Reedy Creek Park. Ownership of the property was transferred to Mecklenburg County after the merger of the City and County Park and Recreation Departments in 1991. Reedy Creek Nature Center (formally Reedy Creek Environmental Center) was built shortly thereafter in 1992.

In 1997, with the passing of the Nature Preserve Master Plan, the area was separated into Reedy Creek Park encompassing approximately 125 acres and Reedy Creek Nature Preserve encompassing, to date, approximately 727 acres. The nature preserve’s rolling topography includes mixed pine and hardwood forests, open fields, three lakes, and the headwaters and two tributaries of Reedy Creek. The preserve also protects the South Fork of Reedy Creek natural heritage site, a unique area harboring an unusual assemblage of plant species more typical of the mountain region. The historical significance of the area is also well represented with cabin ruins and the remains of the Robinson Rockhouse.

via Reedy Creek.

It really was fun and the history is very interesting.  It is heavily wooded and hilly.  I could not imagine farming cotton on this land.

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