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10.3.13 … A great line from HBO’s The Newsroom …

A great line from HBO’s The Newsroom …

Photo: A great line from HBO's The Newsroom.</p>
<p>More gay marriage memes:


10.3.13 … She’s right. I feel bad … I am glad she “refuses to disappear” … You rock, super lara croft! …

Lara Croft, viral photos, FaceBook, mean girls, privacy, being kind: She’s right. I feel bad because I have laughed many times at these pictures.  (But I must say the folks that go to WalMart ought to know better by now.) I don’t think I have shared … but i cannot say for sure.  I will try to be kinder going forward.

The first thing I needed to do was figure out where the picture came from. That wasn’t hard — it came from me. I’d posted the image on Facebook, but like so many before me, I’d failed to pay attention to my privacy settings when I uploaded it. Instead of restricting access to my friend network, I’d inadvertently given access to the whole world.

But Facebook made it easy to find people who had commented on the images. By now, the picture had metastasized through reposts on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, 9Gag, FailBlog. But looking through the Facebook “like” function, I could track down the most offensive commenters.

Most of them were women. Shocked? I wasn’t. Anyone who’s survived high school can tell you how women slice each other up to make ourselves feel better.

In the months since, my attitude toward these throwaway images of mockery on the Internet has changed. I no longer find them funny. Each one of those people is a real human being, a real person whose world imploded the day they found themselves to be a punch line on a giant stage. I speak up whenever a friend gets a cheap laugh from one of these sites. I ask one simple question: “Why do you think this is funny?” Very few have a good answer. Mostly they just say, “I don’t know.” Reminding people of our shared humanity hasn’t exactly made me popular, but it feels like the right thing to do. I know what it’s like to be the person in that horrible photograph. I can’t inflict such pain on someone else.

I’ve also learned to keep a tighter rein on my privacy settings online. I don’t always succeed at keeping my content private, but I’m certainly more guarded now.

And while my self-confidence took a large blow from the experience, I’m getting over it. My photographer friend Terri did a photo shoot with me after it all went down. She’s a retro pinup photographer, and I’ve been posing for her for a while now, but that particular shoot felt great. Just to be seen a little bit more as I wanted to be.

But I refuse to disappear. I still go jogging in public. I don’t hide my flabby arms or chubby ankles for fear of offending someone else’s delicate sensibilities. I dress in a way that makes me happy with myself. And this Halloween, I’m thinking of reprising my role as Lara Croft just to give all the haters the middle finger.

And no, I won’t be putting the pictures online this time.

via My embarrassing picture went viral –


10.3.13 … snacking and sipping … Gâteau Breton aux Pommes … Paris’s New Riverwalk … Ahhh, Paris …

Paris, convivial bars à vins, Gâteau Breton aux Pommes, Paris Riverwalk: Several reasons to go back …

For many tourists in Paris, ordering a glass of wine can often be intimidating, an embarrassing collision with a heavy, leather-bound menu and the haughty gaze of the sommelier.

Snacking and sipping are welcome at Vivant Cave in the heart of the Right Bank.

Le Verre Volé is a combination wine shop and bistro.

But in the past three years, a new breed of wine bar has sprung up in the city, especially on the Right Bank, casual places that pair thoughtfully chosen, modestly priced bottles with small plates of food. Far from the formal trappings of traditional French dining, these convivial bars à vins offer a new way to learn about — and enjoy — wine: through eating and drinking. And, since many do not take reservations, they are a viable way to sample the city’s newest tables without planning weeks or months in advance.

“There’s been a cultural shift in France,” said Joshua Adler, the owner of the Paris Wine Company, a Paris-based online wine shop. “People used to only socialize around going out for meals. Now, it’s acceptable to meet for a bottle of wine and a tiny plate of something.”

via In Paris, a New Breed of Wine Bar –

Must be in a French mood …

Sure, fruit is involved in this cake. (It’s an apple cake, for those who don’t speak French.) But don’t let the presence of the fruit that supposedly keeps the doctor away fool you: This is a seriously decadent cake. Sure, it would be perfectly delicious on its own. But instead of letting this cake go naked, we cover it in a super-addictive, homemade salted caramel sauce and a dollop of tangy crème fraîche. If this dessert doesn’t scream “sweater weather,” we’re not sure what does. All other fall desserts can go home, they’re not needed anymore.

via This Decadent Apple Cake Is the Last Fall Dessert You’ll Ever Need – Bon Appétit.

Paris continues to call me …

As various news sources reported, Mayor Bertrand Delanoe recently inaugurated the new walkway, three years and nearly $50 million in the making.

Following the river from the Pont Royal to the Pont de l’Alma, pedestrians can now amble past such landmarks as the Musée d’Orsay, the Palais Bourbon (home to the French National Assembly), and the Les Invalides museum and park complex. Across the Seine, the Tuilerie Gardens, Place de la Concorde, and the Grand Palais all make for a splendid view.

The former road now features restaurants, gardens, and a slew of picnic-perfect spots to eat a pastry or two—we recommend you grab some of Paris’s best croissants. Wrapping up at the Pont de l’Alma, the new walkway ends just a short walk away from Café Constant, a casual brasserie and T+L pick for where to Eat Like a Local in the City of Light.

via Trip Doctor: Paris’s New Riverwalk – Carry On | Travel + Leisure.


10.3.13 … Just a little weird … :) …

 North Carolina, abandoned Land of Oz theme park:  “Autumn at Oz”:  where former employees and past visitors reminisce about this weird little amusement park … Just a little weird … 🙂

October 5th marks the 20th anniversary of a little-known festival that takes place at North Carolina’s abandoned Land of Oz theme park. The derelict park opens its doors to the public just once a year for “Autumn at Oz,” where former employees and past visitors reminisce about this weird little amusement park.

The Land of Oz theme park was open from 1970 to 1980 and its opening day saw over 20,000 visitors. Guests enjoyed strolling down the Yellow Brick Road, and hanging out with the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Wicked Witch of the West. Afterwards, there was a show at the Emerald City, complete with a balloon ride, which was actually a modified ski lift. Visitors could enjoy a breathtaking view of the park amidst Beech Mountain’s gorgeous scenery. Unfortunately the death of the original owner before the park opened and a mysterious fire in 1975 marred the initial success of the park and it closed suddenly in 1980. Now, the Yellow Brick Road is missing a few of its bricks, but most of the park is still there, albeit in various states of disrepair.

This weekend, October 5th and 6th, the park is open for the 20th anniversary of “Autumn at Oz”. It’s only open once a year for a reunion of former employees and past guests.

via Next Weekend This Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park Will Open.


10.3.13 … “My childhood home has shaped my life, I suspect, to an unusual degree” … ditto what he said …

childhood, kith/kin, Brookwood Hills/Atlanta,  The “CAGE” /Wilmette Il, McConnell/Davidson NC, worth reading:  I loved this essay.  Although my house was not that unusual, my neighborhood and the families that made it up were perfect.  It’s worth reading.  I will say that the “CAGE” in Wilmette Il and McConnell in Davidson NC were close.  I have been blessed.  I hope my children realize their blessings.


My childhood home has shaped my life, I suspect, to an unusual degree.

via When a House Falls in the Forest –


10.3.13 … It amazes me the time and money that goes into that 30 second shot …

Michael  J. Fox Show, NYC, waste, TV: Last january, as I strolled through NYC with a long-lost friend, we noticed a building that looked as if it had been burned.  We quickly realized that it was being painted to look as if it was burned.  Here was my post …



As we walk toward the Meatpacking District and the High Line park, we noticed this building being “painted” to look like it has been in a bad fire.  It is for a Michael J. Fox tv show (see… NBC Picks Up Michael J. Fox’s New Comedy Series.)  Kinda cool … via 1.29.13 … it’s not all about me … but I did have a great day … 🙂

Well, last Thursday, 9/26 , was the premiere of the Michael J Fox Show and I thought, maybe I will watch …

The scene of the burning building lasted less than 30 seconds.  It amazes me the time and money that goes into that 30 second shot.


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