10.6.13 … shutdown … I am not supportive … where are the heroes …

federal shutdown, NASA:

You know what I remember about the last shutdown. I was in San Franisco for Diane and Mike’s New Year’s Eve wedding and reception … one of my all time favorite weddings, and I had hoped to go to Alcatrez, but no, it was operated by the National Park Service and shut down. It didn’t matter … as John says, it’s not much. The wedding was still great fun!

However the shutdown of NASA and of NIH and our national security and the VA …

NASA was the hardest hit of all government agencies by the shutdown, fully 97 percent of its people were furloughed; people who want to work not because it’s just a job, but because the job itself inspires them. Our government may think of NASA as non-essential, but those people staying at home and forbidden from contributing certainly don’t feel that way. Neither do I, nor do many, many others.

The irony of this is palpable. While our government (and let’s not mince words: the Republican party which is now controlled by its fringe elements) makes us look the fools to the rest of the world, it is consistently NASA that makes us look the heroes. I wish the ideologues who have shut down our federal government were able to take a step back from the precipice, from their own petty political needs, and see what they’ve done. NASA is the tip of the iceberg, I know, but it’s a symbol of just how ridiculous, how embarrassing, and, frankly, how stupid this shutdown is.

via Government shutdown: NASA bears the brunt..

If the partial federal governemnt shutdown enters day four, eastern California radio news director Stacey Powells will enter Yosemite National Park, whether it is open open or not.

Public television station KCET reports that Powells plans to organize an “Occupy Yosemite Moment” on Friday afternoon. The road through Tioga Pass leading into the park is open for travel-only purposes during the shutdown, but no stops are permitted. If they can get through the entry station, Powells will stage a sit-in at Tuolumne Meadows, in the eastern section of Yosemite.

“I am outraged at what the Federal Government is doing. Closing our National Parks is absurd and is huritng all of us here in the Eastern Sierra,” Powells wrote in a letter the editor on sierrawave.net. “They cannot take away our access to our national parks which are on public lands. They can’t use this as a bargaining chip. Isn’t that against the law?”

via Radio news director staging Occupy Yosemite Friday. | News from the Field | OutsideOnline.com.

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