10.23.13 … According to Bansky, Ronald, arguably, the second most sculpted figure in history outside of Christ …

Ronald, arguably, the second most sculpted figure in history outside of Christ …

A fibreglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy. The sculpture will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonalds every lunchtime for the next week. Today: South Bronx.

via Better Out Than In.

Bed stuy 02.sized private

Bed Stuy / Williamsburg

via Better Out Than In.

The obvious allusion is to the work of African-American artist Kara Walker but without the subtext of American history. While Banksy’s official Instagram account suggests the work is in Brooklyn Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, we do not have confirmation on the location yet. (Update, 11:37am: We have received unverified word that the piece is at Graham Avenue & Cook Street in East Williamsburg.)

Banksy Goes Japonaiserie in Brooklyn, Tribeca Banksy Vandalized [UPDATE 5].

A print by Edo period artist Hokusai (via notjustnat.blogspot.com)

via Banksy Goes Japonaiserie in Brooklyn, Tribeca Banksy Vandalized [UPDATE 5].

“Graffiti is sort of a way of life here, so if you are going to have it, why not make it a little whimsical and a little fun?\” she said. \”It\’s a bit like a scavenger\’s hunt, and you can see how happy it makes people.

He’s the talk of the town, but no one knows where—or who—he actually is.

Elusive British street artist Banksy started a stenciling spree across New York last week, using the walls of buildings as his canvases. And instead of being publicized, Banksy’s graffiti has simply been discovered—and fans have then spread the whereabouts on social media.

The artist\’s website calls the project a “monthlong residency” in the city, stating: “For the next month Banksy will be attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York.”

He is calling his New York exhibition “Better Out Than In,” a reference to a quote by the artist Paul Cézanne: “All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside.”

Banksy, a pseudonym, keeps his identity shrouded in mystery and could not be reached for comment. His work has seen commercial success, with some artwork removed from buildings and sold at auction, while his 2010 documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Because of the artist’s anonymity, Banksy’s works, which often feature political messages, are generally only authenticated when he has posts photos of them on his website (though it’s not clear who operates the site). For his New York project, Banksy is also posting photos to Instagram under the name banksyny.

His website also includes a toll-free number and an online “Click here to listen” button with audio commentary, a spoof on the audio guides generally offered at museum exhibits.

Banksy began his rogue New York project on Oct. 1 with a stencil at 18 Allen St. on the Lower East Side. The piece featured a turn-of-the-century street urchin standing on another boy’s back, reaching for a can of spray paint on a sign reading “graffiti is a crime.”

via Desperately Seeking Banksy – WSJ.com.

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