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10.25.13 … All Shall Be Well …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013 Labyrinth Walks, kith/kin, Downtown Abingdon VA:

 As I entered the mountains of VA, it became cloudy, very cloudy.  So this fall day had a damp wintry feel to it.

With my gps running, I was looking hard for the labyrinth.  It was a private labyrinth so I was not looking for a church or a park.  But finally I spied it on a vacant lot  on a residential street.

It is Chartres labyrinth made of all pavers with no space for grass to peek through, very attractive,  accessible and nicely landscaped.

I was meeting a friend who was joining me for a girl gathering in Bristol TN for the weekend.  There are only a few I share my walking idiosyncrasy  and each of these 16 women are victims.  The one who met me for my pre-gathering walk was a willing victim.  🙂




IMG_8345 IMG_8346





Several of you have asked how I find  labyrinths to walk.

First I look them up on the world-wide labyrinth locator …

Valley Street NE, between Court St. and Tanner

Abingdon, Virginia 24210

“All Shall Be Well….” a labyrinth and meditation space on private property, open to all.

Schedule:Always open

Type:Medieval Chartres replica

Material:Brick/PaverDesigner:The Labyrinth Company

Builder:Simlay Natural, Inc.

Size:39 feet diameter

Date installed:October 2010

via World-Wide Labyrinth Locator – Locate a Labyrinth.

If there are several in an area, I will google them to help me select.  This one had a nice article about it in the local paper …

The light brown bricks meander back and forth for three-quarters of a mile, said Jan Hurt, owner of the labyrinth.

It’s hard to imagine the path is that long, as it winds through a 40-foot-wide round, brick patio-like structure on the lot across from her Valley Street home, but that’s part of the beauty of it.

The purpose of walking it is not to reach a physical destination, but a spiritual one.

“We want people to walk it,” said Hurt, who explained that although the labyrinth is privately owned and on private land, it’s open to the public at all times. “That’s why we built it.”

A 91 percent scale replica of a labyrinth on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, it is entitled All Shall Be Well.

“Ninety-one is some sort of mystical geometric number,” explained Hurt, who described the intricate pattern as “compulsive geometry.”

“What I don’t know is how anyone can draw this and come up with this pattern,” she marveled, as she began to walk a section of it, following the brick pattern up and back and around.

It’s one of three labyrinths that now exist in Abingdon, said Garrett Jackson, the town’s planning director. The others are on the grounds of Christ the King Catholic Church and Virginia Highlands Community College.

via Walking in Abingdon to reach spiritual destination – News.

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