10.26.13 …”Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:2) …

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Bristol VA, 2013 Labyrinth Walks, Amiens Style labyrinth, 2013 Davidson ’82 Reunion Group Gathering (Wasabies):

I gathered with my group of 16 who we for a quirky reason call ourselves the WASABIES.
I of course found a local labyrinth in downtown Bristol Virginia. It isn’t a Chartres style labyrinth but an Amiens style labyrinth, and  I have never walked this style.
I chuckled when I went to EEC’s website because it showed a picture of a priest blessing a dog on the labyrinth … but that is another conversation  🙂 …

Welcome to Emmanuel Episcopal Church

We are located in downtown Bristol, Va, just one block from the Virginia-Tennessee state line, and have been serving our community since 1862. We would love for you to tour our beautiful church, walk our Labyrinth, and join us for worship on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:2)

via Welcome to Emmanuel Episcopal Church | Emmanuel Episcopal Church | Bristol, VA / TN.

Outside, a labyrinth taking its design from the famous one at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens, in Amiens, France, is available for use by anyone in the community who wishes to pray and meditate while walking in it.

via News.

So here is my labyrinth adventure … After a wonderful walk with my friends along the river, we headed to Emmanuel Episcopal Church in  downtown Bristol
About five of us walked the labyrinth. For several, it was a new experience. I shared my labyrinth walking experience with them and then we walked as a group.
IMG_8374 IMG_8375
It was really a peaceful experience.
IMG_8384  IMG_8383  IMG_8377
 IMG_8387 IMG_8386 IMG_8382
As I have mentioned my favorite labyrinth to walk is the full 11 circuit Chartres style labyrinth.
The Amiens style works very well as well.  It is amazing that the medieval french catholic priests constructed labyrinths that work much better than modern artsy labyrinths. I wonder why that is so. It clearly has something to do with “sacred geometry” which includes a timing element which makes it just right.
And here is a little history on the Amiens style labyrinth …

The Labyrinth of Amiens Cathedral is the second largest in France, being slightly smaller than its cousin in Chartres.[3]  Measuring about 12.1 meters wide, the labyrinth occupies the entire width of the fourth and fifth bays of the nave, and is thought to have originally been placed in the cathedral in 1288.[4]  Although it is octagonal, its tracks follow the same pattern as Chartres, which is why it is considered to be an Octagonal, Chartres-type labyrinth.[5] Comprised of “white-and-blue-black” stones, its entrance opens to the west, with the white stones acting as the labyrinthine obstacles.

Prior to the French Revolution, the labyrinth’s center comprised of a medallion which stated:

In the year of grace 1220, the construction of this church first began.  Blessed Evrard was at that time bishop of the diocese.  The king of France was then Louis the son of Philip the wise.  He who directed the work was called Master Robert, surnamed Luzarches.  Master Thomas de Cormont came after him, and after him his son Renaud, who had placed here this inscription in the year of the incarnation, 1288.[6]

via labyrinth of amiens cathedral: Loyola University Chicago.

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