12.5.13 … I walk barefoot … “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013 Labyrinth Walks,  Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church – Atlanta GA, kith/kin:

So I recently saw a reference to this labyrinth … It is a new labyrinth for me.  Before I leave Lenbrook, I noticed with sadness, the old oak tree on Peachtree by the entrance.  Today is its last day.
IMG_8840  IMG_8841
After saying my last respects, I headed that out and hit the Starbucks.  It had a drive thru window, but the line was so long that I had to go in. I find it amazing but that the service inside is always so slow in comparison to the drive-through line. Starbucks really makes its money off of it ambience, but when it offers a drive-through option, the interior service fails.
So next I head out … Just by chance, I drove by the over-the-top Chastain yard with deflated Christmas blowups.  It brings a smile to my face.  I’ll come back by tonight.
I saw  several yard signs for my high school and Davidson classmate who just won an at large seat on Atlanta’s school Board.  Congratulations to Cynthia Briscoe Brown!!  I wonder … Where are all the middle schools? Where all the high schools? Where are all the elementary schools? Atlanta is a very interesting contrast to Charlotte.
Upon some searching,  I found this on the HI website.

Some 600 years before Christ the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu wrote, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ A more correct translation from the original Chinese might be ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.’  Have you ever walked the labyrinth? It is, whether found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France or drawn in chalk in a parking lot or like the one we have painted on a canvas, a metaphor for our life’s sacred journey. A labyrinth is a pint-sized pilgrimage.

I like the labyrinth because it requires no particular skill set.  Nothing really to prepare, just a willingness to begin, to start, to enter.  Not much risk there. It’s just walking after all, following a path drawn by another. Yet, in agreeing to walk this ancient path, I find a mirror for my life, touching on deep sorrow and releasing great joy.

Long ago in a desert land 2 people got new names because they were willing to walk a path with God, whatever that might bring. Their names change as the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. Becoming Abraham and Sarah was an atonement or at-one-ment with God. The sign of the covenant with God was their name change.

Long ago in another place, different folks were asked to follow the path of God. This way of following also offered at-one-ment with God. It was a different promise, with a different sign, and one they did not expect … take up the cross and follow.

On the labyrinth journey through the soles of our feet we remember emotions, guilt, and shame and we remember God’s invitation to be our God.  In our life journey with God we are invited to let go of what we know, of what we have been, and to become more of who we are created to be.

via Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church | March 4 – 2nd Sunday in Lent (9).


For my morning labyrinth walk, the weather was foggy, muggy and WARM.  It was already in the high 60s by 8:30 am.
This labyrinth is part of the church’s memorial garden it’s a lovely garden which has a fire pit and then a beautiful fountain and some modern art as well.
I feel a wee bit of disappointment as I approach because I realize that it is a 7-circuit Chartres style labyrinth rather than the full 11-circuit.
I would love to tell people that a labyrinth works much better if it is a full 11-circuit.  I realize that the 11-circuit  takes  more space.  But at this location, there is enough space;  so I wish they had not  cut it short. A labyrinth is much more than a landscaping installation,  it as a spiritual tool. However, I still applaud any church’s effort to install one.
So i walk.  At the center, I realize that not only is it not cold, it is downright warm today, so warm that I take my shoes off to walk out.  The ground is not even cool … just a little damp from the morning’s rain.
IMG_8850 IMG_8847 IMG_8851
IMG_8849 IMG_8853

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