1.21.14 … It’s true; just about everyone likes football more than Downton Abbey and Sherlock …

Downton Abbey,  Sherlock:  Does everyone really like football more than Downton Abbey and Sherlock?  Or maybe it’s just the advent of dvrs that makes sports in realtime a better choice than episode tv.  I chose to watch until my shows came on and record the game.  🙂

Interesting analysis.

“The Empty Hearse” is the most meta move imaginable, featuring a Sherlock Holmes fan club, blatant stand-ins for the show’s own fans, in a key role. The solution to Holmes’ great escape is complicated and opaque and unsatisfying: It has none of the simplicity of the best mystery resolutions. (Also, apparently no one checked on Sherlock’s body in the morgue.) There is a point at which meta ceases to be a cute wink acknowledging your fans’ existence and starts to be a self-aggrandizing hyper-awareness of how important your TV show is to them. Fans are very fannish, but perhaps even they would rather watch a diverting episode of “Sherlock” than a bunch of jokes about their relationship to Sherlock, which they definitely already make themselves on various message boards.

Also getting the meta treatment in “The Empty Hearse”: the true bromance of Sherlock and Watson. The show wastes no time getting the “Watson and Sherlock are in love with each other” cracks out in the open, but without ever quite descending into a homosexual panic. Watson loudly and regularly asserts that he and Sherlock are not lovers, but he is vulnerable before Sherlock and openly caring and protective of him. The wonderful second episode revolves around Sherlock’s very moving wedding toast to John. Their love is deep and real. The show even goes so far as to suggest that Mary, much more complicated than she initially seems, is, in some ways, a female Holmes — a person who lives in an exciting moral gray area — and that’s why Watson likes her so much.

via Sherlock Holmes season 3 – chicagotribune.com.

fan food: Some of my favorites! Really!

Got your DVR set for Sherlock? British tube-lovers are already enjoying Season Three er, Series 3, but Americans don’t get to dive in until January 19. But that just gives us more time to put together the perfect season-premiere party.

Thing is, based on the literature, it seems like Sherlock barely even thought about food. He’d just gobble down some dry toast and eggs and go about solving the case. But that’s won’t go for us here. We need tremendous food to properly enjoy a tremendous series, and if you feel that way, too, then browse on for a smoking-hot Cumberbatch of great British—and British-ish, a.k.a. Indian—recipes.

via 9 British-ish Recipes to Make for ‘Sherlock,’ Season 3

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