1.31.14 … Leave no footprints …

Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 labyrinth walks,  Myers Park Baptist Church – Charlotte NC:


After the great snow of January 28 :-), I am out for a walk. There are little patches of snow still sitting in wooded areas, but otherwise there is little evidence that Charlotte was blanketed in snow and ice two days ago.
And typical of the Southeast, it is 58° at 5 PM. The sun is setting in the west, of course.
As I’m pausing in the car, the first thing I noticed was urban wildlife: three or four squirrels scampering about  on the trees in the wooded area. I wondered if they are out now after the snow. There were very noisy.
I must note that I had two distractions today: the first was a walker/jogger who cut across the cement labyrinth and asked, “On your way in, or out?”  I responded, “On my way in. Have you ever walked?” And he responded, “No,” and hurried away. The second distraction was a man who I thought was about my age.  He pulled up, parked his car, jumped out and clicked the lock to which I was startled by the loud horn honk that accompanied his lock. I looked up and expected him to say, “I’m sorry, ” or to nod and acknowledge me in my sacred, quiet space. But instead,  I received no acknowledgment. I think the man needs to slow down.
I walked using some techniques I have been learning from my online contemplative prayer class. I feel your eye roll.  I will say I am having trouble combining the two techniques, although they are very related.
IMG_9082 IMG_9083
Leave no footprints:   I did have a funny thought as I was walking.  There were  streams of water from the melting snow and ice. I realized that I was spreading the water so it would not freeze again.  I then looked back and saw that after I had spread the water,  I left footprints, something I’ve never left. A labyrinth is a leave no footprints kind of place. So there was a little bit of irony in that. But I like irony.
 IMG_9080 IMG_9081
All in all a good walk, no complaints.

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