2.18.14 … Will you join me? …

Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 labyrinth walks,  Myers Park Baptist Church – Charlotte NC:


I have lots of thoughts today because I am returning from Tuesday Morning Bible Study, and it was led by the author of our current book study, Frank Spencer. Frank’s book The Benefit of the Doubt: Claiming Faith in an Uncertain World has been an excellent study in the Reformed Tradition.  (And for my Davidson friends, Frank is the son of the late Sam Spencer.) As Frank is a peer, many of his insights about faith in the current era seem so obvious when he writes about them and then talks about them.  Our class today was very insightful.
One of the things that Frank emphasized was the concept of “community of faith.” We also talked about how the whole “spiritual but not religious” movement ignores the concept of community of  faith and that that is the real power of the Reformed Tradition.
My thoughts immediately wandered to my walks on labyrinths. And then I realized that although I usually walk alone, there is a sense of community on a labyrinth, a community of those who have walked labyrinths over the last 1000 years, of those who created this labyrinth, of those who have been here and of those who will be here. There’s a strong feeling that God is in this place; it is a sacred space.  I think this is true even on labyrinths that are not associated with Christian or religious organizations.
I also have mentioned in the past that walking a labyrinth with others as a community is a wonderful experience. I think I need to orchestrate a few group walks this spring, maybe a part of my annual almost-daily Lenten walks. Will you join me?
My thought litany …
Physical  –
Sounds: children laughing, Saws and possibly construction, doors slamming
Sites: blinding streaming sun, snow, rosemary – brown, not yet turning green (my rosemary at home does not turn brown)
Emotional – I continue to try to keep emotions away from the space.
Spiritual –  See above comments on the concept of faith as a community concept rather than as an individual concept.
Time –  I think that if  I could stop time for a moment, this is where I would want to be: centered on labyrinth.  And in that sense, even though it is negating the concept of community and faith, it enables me to reach out and be a part of a faith community.
Intellectual: I definitely feel that my academic/intellectual pursuit of understanding has been fed today. Thank you, God.
IMG_9125 IMG_9124
Blessings from the path …

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