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3.8.14 … “And I turned 50, and decided I didn’t like what I was doing. I didn’t like writing about other people’s experiences; I wasn’t ready to give up my own.” …

Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 Lenten Labyrinth walks (3/40),  Myers Park Baptist Church – Charlotte NC:
I skipped yesterday … two days of walking in a cold winter rain was more than I could take spiritually.
I am in John’s car, which is his father’s car. He was headed to the airport for his international flight yesterday in the pouring rain, and when he came out of his garage at work, the driver-side window would not go back up. We love this car. And I’ll we’ll keep it but I fear it may become a black hole. It’s still a great car.

As I drove over with my window down :), There was a story about Bread Furst on NPR.  Bread Furst is  Mark Furstenberg’s new Washington DC European artisan bakery.  It is staffed with apprentices and  interns.  Once it is opened, he anticipates selling it to his employees. What a great idea!

Baker, entrepreneur and James Beard award-winning cook Mark Furstenberg is walking proof that it’s never too late for a fresh start.

Even though the Baltimore native is 75 years old, he’s in the midst of constructing a brand new bakery in Washington’s Van Ness neighborhood: Bread Furst.

“75-year-old people don’t generally start businesses,” he says with a laugh. “75-year-old people generally are in Palm Beach or Palm Springs, or some ‘Palm’!”

Bread Furst is expected to offer baked fare to those on Connecticut Ave NW.

A late change of direction

Clearly, Mark Furstenberg is not your average 75-year-old. After all, he didn’t even become a professional baker until his 50s. First he worked for President John F. Kennedy. Then he wrote scripts for ABC News. He even headed a company that manufactured copper tubes.

But in 1988, he says, he had a change of heart

“I was working for the Washington Post,” he recalls. “And I turned 50, and decided I didn’t like what I was doing. I didn’t like writing about other people’s experiences; I wasn’t ready to give up my own.”

via Mark Furstenberg Prepares For New Adventure in Baking With ‘Bread Furst’ | WAMU 88.5 – American University Radio.

As I mentioned, I am reading Catherine Marshall’s The Helper.  Today’s reading is  “Have you already received him?”  It focuses on the difference between John’s baptism and Jesus’ baptism: John’s – repent and receive forgiveness;  Jesus’ provided enabling power for handling life in the present and the future.  “In the new era of the kingdom, It would be God’s spirit in man doing the work.”
Today the birds are chirping, the sunshine is bright with shadows, but since it is not cold, I do not have that chill like the other day.
I was very conscious that as i walked close to center, the circuits are quick and fleeting.  i also realized that once in center that I can stay as long as I like
IMG_9175 IMG_9171
IMG_9176 IMG_9177
I like this description in the book Praying at Every Turn: “Eventually, we met again, this time in the center, no barriers between us, just a peace and tranquility that can only be described as home with God.”
And dinner at Halcyon and dessert at Amelie’s  … with two of my three.  What a nice day for a mom!

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