3.10.14 … I would love to not feel like an interloper and use my walk as an opportunity to share the peace of the labyrinth. I will come again and soon …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (5/40), South Tryon Community Church-Charlotte:

I love this labyrinth, but it is not relaxing to walk.

It was built by as an Eagle Scout Project for a scout at a  Myers Park church  and later updated by another scout as his 2011 eagle project as described below:

My Eagle Scout project all started one day in October when I was talking to another Scout about their Eagle project. He told me that he had built a labyrinth at South Tryon Community Church. He went on to tell me that there was more that needed to be done to help out this Church.

I contacted the Church and met with the Pastor several times. South Tryon Community Church needed someone to turn the area around the labyrinth into an area that people could meditate and feel the presence of God. We decided that the area of the labyrinth could use some benches, a white picket fence, a pedestal, some landscaping, and a Cross.

via My Eagle Scout Project Journey.


When I first walked it two years ago, it was in very good shape and actually last fall was in such bad shape that it essentially was unwalkable.
This time, the weeds had been cut and someone had tried to place the bricks forming the boundaries back in their proper place.  Since I have a good idea of the path, I can figure it out.  Since it was dry today, there were no water hazards, although the bushes on the side cause me to move off the path on the outer circuits on that side.  There were plenty of weed, but they had been cropped short.
IMG_9211 IMG_9212
IMG_9216   IMG_9215
 IMG_9209 IMG_9208
When i started my walk, there was a robin on the labyrinth and he did not want to move.  When I reached the center,  I found a great big earthworm there.  Maybe he was feasting whileI fast.  🙂  
And then there are these large pods … I think they are some kind of locust tree.  
IMG_9205 IMG_9218 IMG_9217
What makes this labyrinth disconcerting is that there is a sense of uneasiness.  It is in a poorer community, and there is distrust in the air.  There are many loiterers, and they watch me because I look out-of-place. The parking area is out of view and my car, albeit a 14-year-old car station wagon, also looks out-of-place.  The groundskeeper actually told me to be careful the first time I walked here.  I hate feeling like an interloper and would love to use my walk as an opportunity to share the peace of the labyrinth.  I will come again and soon.
As I  finished my walk, I heard the sound of a train.  I like trains because they give rhythm  to a community.
Tomorrow I plan to ride my new bike to a labyrinth.  Hold me to it.  🙂

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