3.19.14 … “As of the day after tomorrow, the days will be longer than the nights. More light than dark.” … I think I prefer “spiritually progressive” …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (13/40), Sardis Baptist Church-Charlotte:


As I drove into Sardis Baptist today, I noticed that on its street sign it identified  itself as “a spiritually progressive church.”  I think that is  very interesting, because I  collectively do not think of any Baptist church as being “progressive.”
I realize that I am stereotyping, and I assume that this is this Baptist church is not part of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is also interesting that there are three Baptist churches near me in Charlotte that have labyrinths and none are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.
This is my Walmart labyrinth because it is on my route to and from  the Walmart.  I went this morning at 8 and hit the labyrinth on the way back.
It was another rainy cold labyrinth walk.  I  friend reminded me (on FB) that we are nearing the vernal equinox with his comment, “I am delighted to say, that today is the last full day of winter. As of the day after tomorrow, the days will be longer than the nights. More light than dark.” Amen!
I am walking my way through some issues this Lenten Season.  So it is good that I stay on the circular path!
photo 2-1
photo 4
photo 5
After my walk I researched SBC and labyrinths and did not find anything directly on point, but I know that there is some wariness to the practice.  I will add it to my list of research projects.  Without researching the writer, I did find this which expresses the undercurrent against prayer walking … and to which I obviously disagree.

Some churches have something called a labyrinth- a prayer labyrinth. We don’t have one, never will, not as long as I’m breathing. Because here’s the point of the labyrinth- it’s not Christian, it comes from paganism- and it’s walking in a circle. I know: it’s not as exciting as some would say- I don’t understand. And the whole point of walking around the prayer labyrinth in a circle is to walk into the center and be by yourself. And the teaching therein is that the goal of true spirituality is to go into oneself to find answers, light, and truth. That’s exactly the opposite of what we [Christians] believe. If I ever find a prayer labyrinth, I’m going to start in the middle and walk out as an act of protest because I’m a Christian. The answer’s in Him, not in me; my goal is not to close in on myself, but to turn from myself, and outward to Jesus.

via Call To Die: Mark Driscoll’s Critique of Prayer Labyrinths.

I found his perspective very interesting, and he has obviously never walked one.  I hope he finds one and walks.  I don’t care where he starts.  The point is to slow down and “Be Still”.

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