3.24.14 … encouraged …

Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 Lenten Labyrinth Walks, Myers Park Baptist Church – Charlotte NC (17/40):


The weather was perfect for my walk today.


As I walked over from my car, I noticed one of those little scooters. I immediately thought “whiskey cycle” as my son told me they are referred to for the folks with DUIs because their operation does not require a driver’s license.

And as I reach the labyrinth, a cute man walks over to his scooter. He asked me about the labyrinth. And he listened for my answer. After explaining to him briefly their purpose and history, I asked him if he wanted to walk with me.

During our walk, he mentioned that he is 35, has troubles (and I think, I know -scooter),  has ADD, and needs something to help him calm down and focus. I encouraged him to return and walk the labyrinth again. He asked me if I think this church (“this beautiful church with the expensive slate roof” (his words, not mine)) would be open to someone like him. I explained to him that I think it certainly would be, and that If it is not, then it is not a true Christian church. I told him the good things I know about this church, although it is not my church. We talked about various churches in town. I encouraged him try out this church, and if it is not a good fit, to try others as well. I think he liked being encouraged.

image-3 image-4 image-5

I also enouraged him while we were walking to look around and to listen. We talked about the flowering tree that is blooming this week. I pointed out the first bloom I have seen on the rosemary in the garden around the labyrinth. We listened for the birds.


image-1 image

After walking he told me his name and I told him mine. His was a biblical name and mine, well, a family name. He laughed that he won’t remember it. At the beginning of our talk, he had laughed that he would never remember “labyrinth” or “Chartres.” I just added  3 new weird words/names to his list of things he will never remember.

While we were both walking, a high school age young man walked by with sheet music in his hands. I assumed he is going for a piano lesson. He’s paused and watched us. He then asked us to explain what we were doing. So I, again, gave my brief explanation of labyrinths.

It was amazing because very rarely does anybody walk with me. And also very rarely does anybody stop and ask. It was very encouraging to have two people stop and one join me on the path today. I hope my fellow walker was encouraged to walk again and to seek out others at this church or at another church to walk with him and  his troubles.

I hope to see him again on one of my walks.

Blessings …



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