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3.27.14 … Delightfully gorgeous day! After taking ET to the airport, I hijacked my mom for lunch at Serenbe. And, guess what … I can fit in my Lenten Labyrinth Walk. Life is good!

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2014 Lenten Labyrinth Walks, Serenbe GA (19/40): Delightfully gorgeous day! After taking ET to the airport, I hijacked my mom for lunch at the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop at Serenbe. And, guess what … I fit in my Lenten Labyrinth Walk.

First, the spot by the road near the labyrinth where I park is blocked. That’s not very inviting.


So I parked down the way a bit and walked. I first tried to go around the pond to the quaint little bridge and then I discovered that the electric fence completely blocked my way.

image-8Because of my detour I did get to enjoy this little fella.  Quack!



So I walked back to where I usually park, and they’ve added another electric fence around the adjacent pine stand. After walking around this, I got entangled in a briar patch. Brer Rabbit is not my other name.

So it took me about 10 extra  minutes to arrive at the labyrinth. I must say that this was not a very peaceful way to start my walk. But I am persistent, if nothing else.

As I approach I notice again that the labyrinth has a very beautiful setting and especially today in the warm sunshine.


image image-21 image-19

Even from the distance, I notice that the labyrinth covered in dead leaves and weeds. But again, i am persistent, if nothing else.

image-13 image-14 image-16

I have mentioned this before, but this labyrinth is HUGE. It almost causes a little bit of stress being so big. But it is a wonderful full Chartres labyrinth. So I will forgive them for the oversized scale of things.

image-14 image-22

You realize that you are truly in the country when you listen to the sounds: dogs barking, geese honking, the sound of wind wrestling in the pines, or maybe it’s just the wind wrestling in this dead tree that the leaves have never dropped.

image-6 image-18

So, on my way in, I realize that someone has moved the path or moved the boundaries rocks in multiple places. I wish I had time to figure it out and enough strength to move the big rocks back because because to have a path mislaid is very frustrating, and that is not the point of a labyrinth. As I leave, I realize that there is an extra circuit around the outside with an entrance to that circuit at each quadrant. Okay, that works if you know what you’re doing, but there still is a place where someone has moved a rock because I did not end up in the middle on my walk to the center.

image-7 image-17

So my walk out of the labyrinth with just fine. However from the labyrinth to the road is a nightmare. It’s very clear that they do not want non-guest visitors to walk the labyrinth. That’s kind of sad because it is a beautiful setting for labyrinth. However, I did make find a better exit path. No briars; no electric fences.

There is a very nicely done information booth with two laminated sheets: one with a picture and one with a little information. I like their info sheet because it has very simple instructions to walk the labyrinth. I think I might type them up and have them to hand out to people. I know I overwhelmed the information seekers the other day, so a simple explanation would be helpful.

image-10 image-9

Blessings!  Life is good!

image-4 image-2

image-11 image-1






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