8.7.14 … mousse au chocolat à discretion …

The Great France and Spain Adventure of 2014, Chartres, roundabouts, Donna Morris/Best Friend in Paris, Cinq Mars, Mousse au chocolat à discretion, perfect apartment in the 6th: 

Day 3

Sarlat to Chartres to Paris

Drive … Exhausting. Garmin really does expect me to go 130km/81mi. per hour. I find that tiring … And then it rained and rained. Actually, it poured. And then there were the two tractors on the road to Chartres. And the 50 million traffic circles. It’s official, I hate traffic circles. So I missed the 12 o’clock lecture by Malcolm Miller … Tomorrow.

Instead I got to wander around Chartres and peek at the labyrinth.

IMG_0352 IMG_0346

I am excited for tomorrow. I will plan ahead tonight.

Next up: the train to Paris.

Most interesting thing about the train … My first glimpse of Versailles. Tres magnifique!!
Dinner with Donna. She chose Cinq Mars at 51 rue de Verneuil. Excellent time, although it is interesting to visit with grown kids.
IMG_0364 IMG_0362
Oddly I did not take a picture of the mousse au chocolat à discretion.  Donna told me that if we asked for multiple bowls we would be charged by the bowl.  So instead we all dug in with our spoons.  🙂

Mousse au chocolat à discretion…For those of you who are confused by this French phrase, it means “help yourself”. I’m still on a chocolate high so let’s start with the dessert. My friend and I are both quite trim, so maybe they were unsuspecting, or just very kind (or perhaps that waitress didn’t know any better and got fired afterwards), but when we asked if we could SPLIT our dessert, they actually brought us one bowl with two spoons. Then they bring out a HUGE serving bowl of chocolate mousse, with perhaps enough for eight normal helpings inside, and leave it on our table. And it was goooooooooood.



Jeff starts scooping out the second round…

I think we ate at least 75% between us. I could have eaten more, but was a bit worried that it would be rude to finish the whole thing — omigod I’ve been in France too long! “Did we eat more than everyone else?” my companion asked when the waitress came to retrieve the bowl. “Non, some people finish it,” she says with a smirk. I should mention

via Cinq-Mars – Paris Dining Reviews – Travel Planning and Private Tours.

Afterwards it was nice to take Donna back to this perfect apartment in the 6th. If you are looking for a perfect apartment, I’ll private message you the details!

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