3.1.15 … Definitely thinking I was going to regret this walk … But as with most of my walks, there were no regrets …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Lenten Labyrinth Walks 11/40, Morningstar Lutheran Chapel Matthews NC: Definitely thinking I was going to regret this walk. It was raining, but not too hard, but enough that I stopped at target and bought an umbrella before I came.But it is NEW labyrinth, installed in November of 2014 …



And it was cold … and there was ice on the leaves of the flowering bushes and even on the lock up the gate.IMG_2403
Morningstar Lutheran is an old church built in 1908, white frame and quite charming. It has a traditional red doors of a Lutheran Church.
IMG_2432 IMG_2389
The labyrinth is a Chartres “production” labyrinth, but it has a beautiful setting in an old cemetery where they are at adding a columbarium. In addition, there is a very charming fountain. Someone has really invested in this cemetery with a very nice new fence, but at the back is a wonderful old rock wall. And of course there was ice on the wall.
There were also those little seedpods that will trip you up in an instant. I was very careful as I walked. My hands were absolutely freezing and turning shades of deep red, blue and white.

At the center there was inlaid a compass rose … I wondered if it pointing towards North or towards jerusalem.
There are four or  five churches along this stretch of Idlewild Road. I heared bells chiming, not synchronized, but is still quite charming. I also heard the raindrops on my umbrella.  And then I heard the wind chimes. They were hanging in a tree to the right of the entrance to the labyrinth.
Of course i read all the signs …
Afterwards, I went to Church … Consequences …
Did I mention it was muddy on my walk … IMG_2437
And here’s an extract of the info on the web …

Morning Star Lutheran Chapel

Church or Place of Worship; Public Open

Chartres replica, 11 circuits

Date installed: November 2014

via World-Wide Labyrinth Locator – Locate a Labyrinth.


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