3.3.15 … Definitely not raining. Not quite a drizzle. More than a mist … Real time … moss crosses … Be Still … Blessed are the merciful …

“Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Advent Labyrinth Walks 12/40,   Avondale Presbyterian Church – Charlotte:

Because it is so heavily overcast, really misting, the street lamps have come on even though it is only 3:30.
It is strange that the last week of daylight savings time and next week will “enter” daylight savings time.  I think we live in a strange world where we humans will  artificially adjust the daytime to fit our needs.  I think my body really does work best on just plain old “real” time. I think I would like to get up when the sun rises and go to bed when the sun sets. 🙂
Definitely not raining. Not quite a drizzle.  More than a mist.
IMG_2447  IMG_2445  IMG_2446  IMG_2448
And my mantra today was the modified Psalm 46:10 that I first heard in the video clip shown at TMBS:
Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still
IMG_2452  IMG_2454  IMG_2455  IMG_2456
As I walked, I looked  for “moss crosses.” The only place I’ve ever found one is at Davidson College when I walked with Ann. Thank you, Ann. I would’ve walked without even noticing it. They’re not very many labyrinths that would encourage the growth of moss. Davidson College is the location of the one I saw with Ann.  But Avondale is one where I could find a moss cross. I will continue to look down as I walk slowly.  So in a funny way, I am looking between the cracks.
My mind is going to mile a minute: For some reason, I think of my husband’s brother who loves eyes, the “windows to your soul.”  I take my first “eye selfie.” (And yes, I need to master brow liner.)
I also think and reread James Howell’s Lenten e-mail refection of yesterday, 3.2.15.  Reading James’ reflections, I realize that I don’t really understand what it means to be merciful.  …

“Merciful” is not just an inner attitude, although it is an inner attitude.  “Merciful” is something you do.  You get busy being merciful.  You are prepared at a moment’s notice to let the schedule be shredded, for like that Good Samaritan, you see somebody beaten up by the side of the road, and instead of guessing why he’s in the pickle he’s in, instead of being so ultra-responsible as to be punctual for your next meeting, you are merciful.  Otherwise we live merely in earshot of Jesus, and never get close to the one who said, “Blessed are the merciful,” the one who was and is Mercy itself.

Mercy frees me from self-centeredness.  Pouring myself out of my own ego trap is the way to joy.  Mercy frees me from the need to “fix” whatever is wrong.  Mercy is able quite simply to love, to be compassionate, whether the hurt is curable or not, whether the wrong can be righted or not.  Mercy can just stay with the one in need of mercy.

via Myers Park United Methodist Church | Charlotte Methodist Church, Methodist Churches Charlotte NC – Myers Park UMC.

My mind then wanders to my relationships that have been renewed, changed or even entered into because of the labyrinth.  My list of people that I have connected with through my labyrinth walking:
Mary Stewart
Ruth Anne
My Wasabees …
… more to come.
And yes, it is only the second week of Lent and these were in my local Harris Teeter … So I ask … Who buys pre- dyed Easter eggs?!  And even if you do, who buys pre – dyed Easter eggs more than a month before Easter?
I can’t  make this stuff up!!


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