3.4.15 … ” God seemed to show up when I was busy doing something while I prayed.” – William Tenny-Brittian … let your fingers do the walking …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Lenten Labyrinth Walks 13/40, finger labyrinth @ home:

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My day started early as John had Day 2 or oral surgery.
And although it was glorious and warm, I was tired and napped instead of enjoying this glorious day.
So now, I will use my finger labyrinth.  It’s not the same, but it’s a pleasant exercise to do occasionally.
So even though the labyrinth allows you to “put feet on your prayers, ” and experience a walking meditation that connects mind, body, and spirit, today I will allow my fingers to do the walking …
photo 2
And I was researching finger labyrinths, I found a few paragraphs in Prayer for People Who Can’t Sit Still
by William Tenny-Brittian.  I, however, was very interested in his thoughts of walking the labyrinth by people with ADD/ADHD or using a finger labyrinth or rosary beads.  He uses the term “kinesthetic prayer”

Kinesthetic Prayer

I learned about kinesthetic pray accidentally. My wife was doing research on a religious movement in Georgia and she invited me to attend with her one afternoon. We drove to a farm south of Atlanta where, according to the press, twenty-five thousand of us gathered to hear a woman bring us a message from the Virgin Mary. We weren’t Roman Catholic, but someone gave each of us a rosary and we sat in the middle of a field with the other pilgrims praying the “Our Father” prayer over and over.

After an hour or so, I realized I was staying in touch with the praying. Using the beads on the rosary in counting the prayers had a satisfying tactile sense to it. The beads moving through my fingers provided just enough sensory stimulation to keep me focused on praying. It was a revelation that was pretty well lost on me at the time, though. Probably the fact that prayer beads weren’t typically associated with non-Catholics got in the way of my discovery and it wasn’t for many years that I would revive the practice in my own life.

My breakthrough moment came when I walked a labyrinth about a year after I’d been diagnosed. The ancient practice of labyrinth walking had experienced a revival during the late nineties and I did some research into the phenomenon. In 2001 I actually constructed the first labyrinth I ever walked because there weren’t any available locally. I spent forty minutes of some of the best prayer time I’d ever experienced as I slowly made my way to the labyrinth’s center and back. For the first time in my prayer-life I could feel the literally presence of God for an extended period of time. God was sothere. It was amazing.

Suddenly it all came to me. I remembered the prayer beads. I thought about the times I felt close to God when I was writing. And I understood why it was that God seemed to show up when I was busy doing something while I prayed. I was a kinesthetic prayer.

So, whether you use this book for your personal prayer life, or to introduce kinesthetic prayer to your children, children’s ministry, or youth group, my prayer for you is that the experience brings you closer to God than ever before.

via Prayer for People Who Can’t Sit Still – Introduction.

I think I am a kinesthetic prayer.

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