3.10.15 … caw, caw, caw …


“Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Advent Labyrinth Walks (19/40),  Avondale Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, Yoga on Gaiam TV:

John has been encouraging me to take up yoga … he bought me a book on Sunday.  And I have agreed.  So this year, beginning this week,  I’m going to try for the next month to also add a daily yoga session, either in a group at the Y,  a private yoga studio, or at a minimum, using the TV service Gaiam TV.:)
So today, I tried  Gaiam TV  on Roku.  I must admit I enjoyed it.
Breath.  The Offering today: The offering as we work through the practice today is continue to work the breath as much as you can to be even. The deeper we breathe the more relaxed body becomes and the more receptive our body is to change.
Sweet intention for me, today: Let me be open to receive  what this breath, this practice, has to offer me.  Go at your own pace, with your own breath…
My labyrinth walking and yoga work together …
A few  hours later … the walk.
I enter the labyrinth after reading from First Presbyterian Church’s Lenten Devotional Book. Today’s devotional  is by Scott P.  Scott has me focus on being able to quiet my mind and listen to what God is telling you.  And that is the nature I think of all spiritual practices … I think a more universal definition is also about centering yourself, being at peace with yourself and your body and connecting with your inner self. For those viewing it as a religious practice, it is connecting with that power or the person you consider God.
I am very interested to see where this takes me, and if it changes my walk if I have already done the yoga before the walk, or if the walk changes my yoga if it follows.
I’m also beginning to focus on the “dignity of difference” which I will be teaching at a Sunday school class the last two weeks of March. Interesting, for those that follow here, I would love your thoughts of what those words mean to you. Good or bad, I am following our senior minister who will introduce the topic.
These are my thought going in … Release the anxiety of the class …
I am now approaching the center, and I have to laugh, because I wonder if I have not raised by heart rate right rate rather than calmed myself down.  But you have to except where you are when you walk.
Psalm 119:105 —  “Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  I will focus on that as I walk around the center.
And then a laugh at myself, again.   I wonder if I will be able to do this with an Apple Watch, rather than my iPhone. Will it be less intrusive. I know some people think I should leave my phone away from the labyrinth. However, I really do enjoy taking pictures and putting my thoughts into the written word, and then organizing them afterward, and rethinking about what I thought about.
While in the center I realize that today is all about the sounds I hear … a cacophony:  water rushing in the fountain, birds wildly chirping,  chimes gently, very gently, ringing, an airplane roaring overhead. And then a large bird caws, and some dogs bark.  I can also hear traffic on the nearby Park Road.  Do I hear children?  I definitely hear children, there is a preschool nearby, but these voices are farther … It must be at the Episcopal Church preschool about a quarter-mile down the road.  I then hear some other birds, they have a more gentle, more peaceful call.  And then back to the crows …. Caw, caw, caw…
On my walk out, I think to pull up the bird call app that my friend Catherine showed me last summer. I never thought about it, but I do not know the call of the robin. I now know that I am definitely hearing crows and robins. What fun …

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