3.12.15 … FredBarry DickDonTerry …TylerJack BrianJordanPeyton …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Lenten Labyrinth Walks 20/40, Myers Park Baptist Church- Charlotte NC:
I was at the hairdresser today and we were talking basketball, Davidson basketball.  My hairdresser grew up in Cornelius and a neighbpr had a dog named “FredBarry DickDonTerry.”  They called him FredBarry.  I think they may have been the 1961-62 staring lineup at Davidson. A very good year …  🙂
And now my walk …it’s 65 and absolutely gorgeous. The birds are chirping… Two types. One is definitely a robin and the other is more squeaky.
I am trying to quickly read my current TMBS study, Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now by Walter Brueggeman.
So today as I walk, I am reading the introduction and first chapter.   Very interesting … Brueggeman places Sabbath within context.
The reference to “Egypt” indicates that the God of Sinai who gives the Ten Commandments is never simply a “religious figure” but is always preoccupied with and attentive to socioeconomic practice and policy. If we want, then, to understand this God (or any god), we must look to the socioeconomic system that god legitimizes and authorizes.
That is a lot to take in…
The bell tower Queens College strikes two. I do love the belt towers. Maybe if I am really wealthy I will have a bell tower on my property one day, if not, I will at least have a chiming clock in my house. 🙂 And that reminds me of my very first landlady, Camylle Wilson in Tampa Florida. I think she lives in Asheville now. She had a chiming clock in every room of her house, and they were not synchronized. Remember, the year was 1984, and this was before the automatic synchronization of clocks to atomic time in Boulder Colorado. So if they were to chime at the same time, she would have to set them off at the same time. But she had lived this way for a long time, and it did not worry her or her husband.
 IMG_2657 IMG_2656 \  IMG_2645
Close to the center I read this:
At the taproot of this divine commitment to relationship (covenant) rather than commodity (bricks) is the capacity and willingness of this God to rest.  The Sabbath rest of God is the acknowledgment that God and God’s people in the world are not commodities to be dispatched for endless production, as we used to say “hands”  in the service of a command economy. Rather, they are subjects situated neighborliness.  All of that is implicit in the reality and exhibit of divine rest. (p. 6)
Birds chirping, and I’m pretty sure they are all robins, fire truck sirens, dogs barking … FredBarry DickDonTerry.
And this year … I’m calling … Here, TylerJack BrianJordanPeyton …
IMG_2663(and today I noticed the chaos of the sculpture lamps at each corner … interesting thought.)

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