2.16.16 … “tonight’s episode was devoted to bringing out the puppy in everyone” …

Image-1“Solvitur  Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2016 Labyrinth Walks (Walk 7/40), Pewter Finger Labyrinth @ Home – Charlotte: No one said I had to walk a full size labyrinth.  Let your fingers do the walking …


 ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 6/Episode 7: Crash and Burn, The New York Times:  Send in the puppies!


Send in the puppies! Oh, I know, Abbots, there was only one flesh-and-blood pooch on view: an aww-inspiring yellow lab who will henceforth bear the name Tiaa in the hope that no terrorist group lays claim to it. (As any imbecile could tell you, Tiaa was the wife of Amenhotep II.) But I couldn’t escape the feeling that tonight’s episode was devoted to bringing out the puppy in everyone.

Source: ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 6, Episode 7: Crash and Burn – The New York Times


Sharon UMC – Charlotte church,  “Holy Land”, Story | WJZY

A Charlotte church is trying to turn its land into apartments, restaurants, and even a hotel, but theyre not actually going anywhere. The congregation plans to stay put on the land and let all that development go up around them.The City of Charlotte’s City Council had a public hearing Monday night to re-zone Sharon United Methodist Churchs seven-acre property in the SouthPark area and turn it into “mixed-use development.”

The building would be torn down, and a new church would be built, so that the congregation can make way for all the other new neighbors. Senior Pastor Kyle Thompson said, “We’re not here to be a fortress walled off from the community. We’re here to be in and among people trying to share the love of God with them.”

Charlotte church redeveloping “Holy Land”Thompson said the concept of turning church property into “mixed-use development” is the first of its kind in the Southeast and perhaps the United States.Thompson said, “Things have just built up around us, and we find ourselves in a different community, and so we’re trying to adjust to that.”

Source: Charlotte church redeveloping “Holy Land” – Story | WJZY

Daily Overview,   Hoover Dam: This is one of my favorite websites and I loved today’s post … Hoover Dam!


Daily Overview Page

Hoover Dam is a 726-foot high, 1,244-foot wide concrete arch-gravity dam located on the Colorado River at the border of Arizona and Nevada. Constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression, a workforce of approximately 20,000 poured a total of 4.36 million cubic yards of concrete to complete the structure. That is enough concrete to pave a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York City. 36°0′56″N 114°44′16″W

Source: Daily Overview – Hoover Dam is a 726-foot high, 1,244-foot wide…

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, RBG, quotes: Another favorite from the internet today … K12744144_548123298702883_3535158997842440966_n


Krispy Kreme, Betty Crocker, Krispy Kreme Cake Mix with Original Doughnut Glaze:  Really!


Source: Krispy Kreme Cake Mix with Original Doughnut Glaze – Betty Crocker



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