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6.29.16 … bad choices …

Day 16… Day 16 of hiking/day 19 from the start at Katahdin

I woke with a call from John at 6 AM. I had the best reception since he struck out on the trail. He was calling from inside his tent and it was pouring rain. I wonder if the echo from inside the tent actually helped.

John was at the Safford Notch Campsite. He hopes, once it stops raining, to climb the mountain and come down and spend the night in Stratton ME. He will need to hitchhike as the town is a good 5 miles from the trail.

We talked about the things he sent back, including his bluejeans. Jack had laughed when he saw his father in the first day pictures wearing blue jeans … too heavy, slow to dry, etc.. I told Jack to let it go, that his dad would quickly learn.

John also sent back his portable stove. Since he has been melancholy, and since he attributes that to poor nutrition, I was concerned as to what he was eating since he could have no warm food. John said he is eating pop tarts, oatmeal from single serve packets and raisins for breakfast. That doesn’t sound very healthy. John said he realizes he needs about 5000 calories a day. He is drinking about 7 L per day I hope he finds foods that he enjoys eating and are healthier and more varied at the next resupply.

Last night he camped at Safford Notch (177.8/2011.3 at coordinates: 45.143387,-70.258812) and hopes to make it to ME 27 (188.2/2000.9 at coordinates -45.1034, -70.3569) and spend the night in Stratton ME which is a 5 mile hitchhike from the AT.

He has a long uphill mountainous trek today once he gets out of his tent. 🙂


Note: the bottom picture shows the elevation change for the next 50 miles …


6.28.16 … Day 15 low point of little walk … nutrition … bread alone …

Day 15 … Bigelow Mountain – This is day 15 of hiking/Day 18 from the start at Katahdin.

Tonight’s lodging will be at Safford notch campsite (coordinates: 45.134457,-70.217766) or Bigelow Col Campsite (coordinates: 45.146996,-70.282135).

John called at 3 PM today and he was doing better. The last time I talked to him was Sunday morning, and he casually requested that I get him a plane ticket home. Several hours later on Sunday he sent me a text and said he would be back on the trail on Monday.

So now he has successfully put two more days and 25 miles into this little walk, and he says that he thinks his low point was because of inadequate nutrition.

I’ll keep you posted.…



6.25.16 … scarred for life …

Driving Mamma Lindsey … Drive to Stone Mountain –

Mamma and I drove to and then around Stone Mountain today. We enjoyed several old family stories. These include:

1. the time my parents left me at the park for three hours in early December, each believing I was in the car with the other. I was 4. Yes, this scarred me for life.

2. The time my family shared a picnic area with Martin Luther King and his family. It was after he had won the Nobel Prize. My sister remembers it being at her birthday party which would’ve been in June.

3. Riding around on the train where the Indians attacked you … Why would anyone ever think that was entertaining?

4. My childhood church, North Avenue Presbyterian Church, was built with stone quarried from Stone Mountain and donated by the then owners of the quarry, the Venable brothers, members of the church.



6.22.16 … We the People …

Friends, I fully realize this is a dissenting opinion. But it is an opinion I share.

Many say that you can’t pick and choose how you are going to construe the Constitution. On that I beg to differ. And that is what I find beautiful and glorious about our Constitution.

The Constitution is a document that is changing and evolving over time. Its original intents and purposes are important, but so are its interpretations within various contexts and over time, provided the interpretations are well-reasoned (which is what a trained lawyer is educated to do).

I’m very proud to be joined together with each of you by such a beautiful document.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg on the Second Amendment:

“The Second Amendment has a preamble about the need for a militia…Historically, the new government had no money to pay for an army, so they relied on the state militias. And the states required men to have certain weapons and they specified in the law what weapons these people had to keep in their home so that when they were called to do service as militiamen, they would have them. That was the entire purpose of the Second Amendment.”

But, Justice Ginsburg explains, “When we no longer need people to keep muskets in their home, then the Second Amendment has no function, its function is to enable the young nation to have people who will fight for it to have weapons that those soldiers will own. So I view the Second Amendment as rooted in the time totally allied to the need to support a militia. So…the Second Amendment is outdated in the sense that its function has become obsolete.”



6.19.16 …”What are men to rocks and mountains?” – Jane Austen

Day 8 for JBT

Coordinates last night 45.53106,-69.31513

I talked to John about 11 am yesterday. After he summitted Whitecap Mountain and the flies were attacking at 8 am, he completed his hike a little early! Scrambling over rocks was wearing on him. And besides, “What are men to rocks and mountains?” – Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice, Chapter IV of Volume II (Chap. 27)

I am not getting any pictures yet, but found this link on the internet. I think I’ll find a nice inn to meet him and day hike for a few days, later.

He camped at Carl A Newhall Lean-to and was 78.6 miles from Katahdin with 2110.5 miles to Springer …



6.18.16 … Lord of the Flies …

Day 7

Coordinates last night 45.5 609,-69.2 3511

I talked to John about 8 am. He sumitted Whitecap Mountain and the flies were attacking! Other than that, all good!

He camped at Logan Brook Lean-to and was 71.4 miles in with 2117.7 to go …



6.17.16 … hidden resupply …

Day 6 JBT 2016 AT, Kith/kin

Coordinates last night 45.6405,-69.0874

I talked to John about 11 am. It is slow going and a good bit above the tree line. He “found” his first resupply this morning. This one was hidden as there are no towns with post offices or mail drop locations while he is in the 100 mile wilderness.

He stayed at the Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to last night.

He is 59.7 miles in with 2129.4 to go …



6.16.16 … very lonely … Yesterday, he saw three people.

JBT 2016 AT, kith/kin:

Day 5

Today’s coordinates … 45.70653, -69.00738

He’s traveling about 10-12 miles per day in Maine. It is very lonely. Yesterday, he saw three people.



6.15.16 … third day in the 100 mile wilderness …

JBT 2016 AT, kith/kin:

Day 4

John’s coordinates this morning … 45.742610,-69.132913

So today is day 4 and his third day in the 100 mile wilderness.



6.14.16 … I notice the pile of rocks that people have left at the center. I think of Edward’s post yesterday about the Orlando shooting. I pick up a rock from outside the labyrinth knowing that I will leave it and think of the Orlando victims …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2016 Labyrinth Walks, Block Island Labyrinth-Block Island RI, Orlando FL Nightclub Mass Shooting:

There’s a nice pleasant wind and birds. And a lovely style to enter the field, and the style has a sign in red letters directing you to enter into the field via the style where the labyrinth sits atop a hill.

I read the information board and I just assumed it is a Chartres pattern labyrinth. However as soon as I walk in I realized that it is not. It’s 11 circuit. But it is has 360 degree loops. It is more an ancient path than medieval.

The boundaries are indicated with rocks. And I didn’t immediately notice the pile of rocks that people have left at the center. I think of Edward’s post yesterday about the Orlando shooting. I pick up a rock from outside the labyrinth knowing that I will leave it and think of the Orlando victims

Someone has left a Buddha in the stone wall on the right. And there is an interesting sculpture installation to the side.

And there are chairs with a mailbox that contains a journal. Before writing, I realize that the previous walker has left a note about the Orlando victims.


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