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7.8.16 Namaste

“Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.” ― Pablo Picasso Even though it was more than a year ago when my wife and I visited Southeast Alaska, the journey has stayed with me, I find myself reflecting back on the memories frequently. I find experiences a better investment than things, more and more these days. If you’ve read my vow for this year, you know I am trying to “not purchase anything I don’t truly need” However, when I met a gifted painter with the rare talent for capturing an experience and bringing it to life, I began to think about one possession I might just want after all. Artist Dottie Leatherwood Dottie Leatherwood was working in her studio the day I visited Paul Hastings to talk about a story I wanted to write on The Dilworth Artisan Station. Dottie is a rising star in the art world and will have one of her works in the American Impressionist Society 17th Annual National Juried Exhibition, so I was happy to meet her. As I looked around her studio, I was impressed with her work. It was like I could step into any one of her paintings and feel right at home. 

Source: Namasté In Alaska: the Painting | Choices Do Matter


8.6.16 … a nice August walk … “We have this possibility of doing a pilgrimage every single day” – Paulo Coelho …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2016 labyrinth walks, The Oratory – Rock Hill SC:

It’s 88° at 10:30 AM in the morning. It is muggy. 

As I walk into the garden, I realize that it is a very tired garden. I wonder who the tired person is that takes care of the garden. I pray for him or her. 

As I walk, I noticed the backside of Mary, figs on the fig tree, the white stones that make up the path, a large oak tree … I hear birds chirping, 11 AM bell and then cascading music; Is the music part of the bells? I do not know the answer. But it must be. I feel the sting of several mosquitoes. And then I hear the traffic. Recently I told someone who has a private labyrinth not to replace the mulch with small pebbles because of the noise they make. This one has really pretty white pebbles, large white pebbles, but again, the noise conflicts with the spiritual walk/meditation. I find myself walking on the boundaries for a reprieve from the noise. But when I walk on the boundaries, I realize that I can now hear the traffic. It’s a conflict.

A nice August walk …

and this from Krista Tippett and Paulo Cuelho:

onbeing“We have this possibility of doing a pilgrimage every single day. Because a pilgrimage implies in meeting different people, in talking to strangers, in paying attention to the omens, and basically being open to life. And, we leave our home to go to work, to go to school, and we have every single day this possibility, this chance of discovering something new. So, the pilgrimage is not for the privileged one who can go to Spain and to France, and walk this 500 miles, but to people who are open to life. A pilgrimage, at the end of the day, is basically get rid of things that you are using, and try something new.” — Paulo Coelho
In this week’s episode, Krista is in conversation with Brazilian lyricist @PauloCoelho. Listen at

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