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5.10.17 … still beautiful even though weeds … hodgepodge of things people have left … cartoonish people looking over at me while I walk … hot … covered in kudzu …

Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Riverwalk Arts District, Asheville NC:

The Riverwalk District is an interesting district. It was the old cotton mill area. And in 1985 it became an artist community; however, the area burned down in 1995, and at one point was declared a Brownfields Cleanup Area.

This labyrinth is modeled after the 11-circuit Chartres labyrinth. It is made of rocks outlining the paths of gravel. It is a seven circuit Chartres.

The walk itself, although the picture of it posted has no weeds, is filled with weeds. So weeds will be my meditation while I walk.

So sometimes my theme is brought to me as this one was. So I ponder … what are weeds in my life and what weeds are still beautiful even though weeds.

At the center is a hodgepodge of things people have left including lots of little glass pebbles, some small pieces of tile, a nice piece of white rock, a small old piece of deep red brick and one lens from a broken pair of glasses. (Where is the other lens?)

This labyrinth backs up to the railroad line, and there is a wall painting on the nearby Cotton Mill Studios of cartoonish people looking over at me while I walk. It’s worthy of a smile.

Did I mention it was hot?

As I drive along the river, I see the old grain tower and a large chimney with no structure covered in kudzu.


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