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11.27.17 … “’Let there be…’- and there’s no telling what newness will surprise us.” …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Avondale Presbyterian Church, Charlotte NC:

This is my post-Thanksgiving, pre-Advent, late fall walk. And this is what I see, hear and feel:

Rushing water from the fountain at the columbarium;

Red leaf trees perfectly lighted in the late morning sun;

Feeling the loss of the large of oak at the center of this sacred garden;

More shade then sun on the labyrinth;

Rustling of the leave on the red leafed trees …

And I really miss the oak.

And I love this from James today …

The Christian year somewhat weirdly begins near the end of the calendar year – and all because of the way we mark our preparation for and then the marvel of the birth of Christ. It’s as if we go to Genesis 1 every Advent, and God looks down at the dark, formless, chaotic void of our lives and world, and creates anew.

When God created, in the beginning, God did so by speaking: “Let there be…” Ponder that with me. God could have manufactured or built or whittled a world. But God spoke – tipping us off that words would always matter, that words would give life. What we need most in life aren’t things, but words – words of love, encouragement, hope, tenderness, truth.

This month, we will look for the space God creates for us to step into. We may sing “Prepare him room,” but God is making the room for us to enter. And when we go there, grow there, and thrive there, nothing is ever the same. The English translation, “Let there be… and there was…” is too innocuous for the Hebrew. The original, short, crisp words, vayehi, vayehi (repeated!) mean “Something new arose” or “Now get this!” or “A huge turning point unfolded,” or “The most amazing thing happened.” God’s creating, God’s speaking, God’s making room for life and good is like that. “Let there be…” – and there’s no telling what newness will surprise us.




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