12.5.17 … forcing paperwhites …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Advent Labyrinth Walks (1st Week of Advent-Hope, Walk 2), Myers Park Baptist Church – Charlotte NC:

As I approach I notice that there are children playing on the edge with three moms at the side orchestrating a play time.

This concrete labyrinth is totally covered in leaves so I use my feet to rake them. I’m sensorily inundated with the sound of the moving leaves across the concrete. A good metaphor for pushing aside the busyness of the season? Maybe I will bring a broom next time.

The weather is warm, almost too warm.

A friend who is not on social media sent me a message today,

Happy advent. Hope u enjoy advent as much as lent. Any practices for this season?”

We have enjoyed reconnecting over her mother’s private labyrinth in Cumming GA.

This was my response…

“And to you!

I try to walk labyrinths and I love all the advent devotionals. I own a few and receive several on the internet. I also enjoy the silly secular holiday dailies which give a whimsical aspect to the holiday.

And I force about 50 paperwhite bulbs! [Since this friend gave me paperwhites as a gift in 8th grade, over 40 years ago!]

What about you? “

What about you? Any practices for the season?


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