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7.7.18 … “Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.” ― Meister Eckhart<

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2018 Labyrinth Walks, Davidson College Labyrinth and Peace Garden @ Hobart Park – Davidson NC:

Storms are a comin’: Dark clouds, heavy winds … and it’s much cooler!

There is debris on the labyrinth, remnants from last night’s storms.

I have grown to to love the water feature, and I’ll admit that at first I did not particularly like it. I guess I’m not by nature a zen person.

Moss seems to be having a good year.

Quote, Meister Eckhart: And I love this quote:

“Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.” ― Meister Eckhart

Dog Days of Summer,FYI:

These hot days were considered among the worst in Western antiquity, a time when, according to folklore scholar Eleanor R. Long, “all liquids are poisonous, when bathing, swimming, or even drinking water can be dangerous, and a time when no sore or wound will heal properly. It is also a time when we are likely to be ‘dog-tired,’ if not ‘sick as a dog,’ to ‘dog it’ at work and ‘go to the dogs’ in our leisure hours-in short, to lead a ‘dog’s life’ until the miserable period is over.”

Both the ancient Greeks and Romans noticed that the star Sirius — the dog star, Canis major in the Orion constellation — began to rise with the sun not long after the summer solstice. While this is often the hottest time of the summer, and publications like the Farmer’s Almanac placed the dog days as occurring between July 3 and Aug. 11 each year, Long points out that Sirius doesn’t rise and set with the sun until mid-August now.

Source: The real meaning of the ‘dog days of summer’ | MNN – Mother Nature Network,

Amelie’s, Salted Caramel Brownie Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich:

I went for the Salted Caramel Brownie Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich … this really exists, really.

The new Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, offered in either Lavender Lemon or Salted Caramel Brownie flavors, will provide “folks a way to beat the summer heat with a French twist on a classic treat,” said Mary Jayne Wilson, Amélie’s Executive Chef. Wilson has dedicated years of hard work to perfecting the recipe and finding the key to constructing these sweet treats.


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