6.12.19 … elevator talks and Gregorian chants …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2019 Labyrinth Walks, Myers Park United Methodist Church – Charlotte NC:

I’ve mentioned this newly installed indoor labyrinth before. It is truly lovely and recreates a Chartres Cathedral feel in a wonderful chapel at MPUMC. The church plans to make it available to the public one week per month and to provide a labyrinth keeper to introduce new walkers and advise repeat walkers. I met my friend Toni who was the volunteer keeper from 6-8 pm.

While we were there, two men visited the labyrinth. The first stopped by on his way to an evening Bible Study on the Lord’s Prayer being held by James Howell, the senior pastor at MPUMC. He had not walked before and was interested, but didn’t have enough time. I think he will return. The second was a gentleman who is in charge of sound systems at the church, was instrumental in the installation of the labyrinth and has walked before. He came by to set up the music that another church member had requested. He had a nice CD recording of vocal, including Gregorian Chants, and other music appropriate for meditative labyrinth walks.

During this time, Toni and I walked. Oddly, the first thing I noticed was my noisy shoes. As soon as I got to an outer circuit, I removed my shoes and walked barefoot on the cool polished stone floor.

I noticed several things during this walk: the scored circle at center and the beautiful predominantly blue and yellow stained glass windows which reminded me of the lines typical in Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

As I reached the center, I realized that there are some instructions on how to pray the center rosette petals of a Chartres Labyrinth and one is to break down the Lord’s Prayer into 6 sections. I wish I had remembered it while the first visitor was there. See: The lessons of The Lord’s Prayer expressed through sacred geometry,


Immediately before finishing my walk, I looked up and noticed the beautiful organ; the organ is the reason the floor was re-done in this chapel to accommodate the organ’s weight and thus the reason for the labyrinth installation.

Afterwards, I looked over the new information brochures and thought them all very well done. It reminded me that I need to create my own “elevator talk” to introduce friends and others to labyrinths. I think I have a tendency to go on for too long rather than just introducing it and letting a person experience it.

And then we left MPUMC and had a delightful small plate meal at Foxcroft Wine… I think I could make a monthly habit of this.


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