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12.6.19 … happy Christmas to all and to all a good night …(

Adventures of the Slip Sisters, Feast of St.Nicholas, Westview Cemetery-Atlanta, Christmas Traditions:

Why “Slip Sisters”? That’s a story for another day. But I’ll leave you with a hint. My brother-in-law calls MS and me that, and it reflects our shared oral history and love of storytelling, a lot of whimsy, and a few of our favorite things.

Today we headed to Westview Cemetery to put a wreath on our father’s grave. The man loved Christmas , and many of our Slip Sisters’ Stories and Traditions reflect traditions that began when we were children.

To get ready for our Adventure, we collected my dog Albert, MS’s Elf on a Shelf and elf’s new pet, and lopping shears to do some elf work.

As we started off, I played this YouTube video of Berea College’s Bluegrass Ensemble’s performance of the “Carol of the Bells”

Albert does not travel well, especially in city stop and go traffic; so as a joke I searched Christmas Music for dogs … and I found this! Christmas Music to relax Dogs …

See the before and after below.

Next stop was Pike’s for the wreath … we went for simple boxwood.

And then to the cemetery …

I actually researched it. Did you know Westview is the largest in the Southeast?

Once there we found the plot, decorated it and shared it with some dog and whimsical holiday cheer. Dad’s marker has the quote:

“… and to all a good night”

If you know my dad, you’ll understand.

MS took delivery of a few magnolia branches and then we headed to the Harman area, the final resting place of our great great grandmother, grandmother and step grandfather, Rebekah and Elliott Stewart, great aunt and uncle, Jean and Charles Harman, and great aunt and uncle, Anne Scott and Johnny Mauldin. Next time we’ll take a few more wreaths! And maybe a few more relatives.

My sister and I told stories as we drove. It was a great day to tell stories. I never thought about it before, but my grandmother, her brother and sister remained close their entire lives and shared multiple family events during the holidays: Sunday before Christmas tree decoration party at my grandmother’s house with cookies and petit fours, Christmas Eve at Aunt Jean and Uncle Charles’ and Christmas Day Festival of Greed celebration at Auntie and Uncle Johnny’s. So I go way back with celebrating the holidays with my family.

And as we arrived back at my sister’s house I read that today is the Feast Day of St Nicholas. Very fitting, don’t you think?


And here is a little St. Nicholas info:

The most famous story about St Nicholas concerns a poor man with three daughters but no money for their dowries, so they couldn’t be married. One night St Nicholas dropped a purse of coins down the chimney into the house so that the eldest daughter would have enough money to get married. The purse fell into a stocking, put by the fire to dry.

Source: St Nicholas Day,

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