1.19.20 … Consecration … Purgation … Illumination … Union …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Labyrinth Walks, St. James Episcopal Church -Clayton GA:

I thought about walking this labyrinth on Friday as I drove nearby on my way from Atlanta to Asheville. I’ve only walked here once before, after I attended the funeral of Ann Metzgar, the mother of a Davidson friend. As I have continued to incorporate labyrinth walks into my life routines, I often try to find one when I am going to a funeral or a wedding… it gives me 20 minutes of special time to focus on the people I love.

This morning at the women’s retreat, I overheard a conversation that referenced Saint Matthews Episcopal Church of Snellville GA. Debbie, daughter of Ann referenced above and one of my friends from my Davidson Peripatetic Posse, was the interim at that church a few years back. So I inserted myself into the conversation, and the woman who had lived in Snellville knew Debbie well and absolutely adored her. After the conversation, I texted Debbie and we exchanged texts before she led worship at her church in Durango.

And as I returned from Asheville to Atlanta, I asked my sister if she would mind letting me walk the labyrinth in Clayton at Saint James Episcopal Church. She willingly agreed.

And the weather today was absolutely gorgeous, and this labyrinth is very serendipitous. As we approached, i noticed a small pet cemetery, and the labyrinth, made of large stones, incorporates a large oak tree at the center. There were rocks, logs and the base of the tree covered in moss, and the garden around it, although almost dead this time of year, hinted of its future glory. The dead hydrangeas will be phenomenal when blooming. And today, on 20 January, there were daffodils in bloom and I swear azaleas, or some variation. Look at the picture and tell me what you think the white flowers are. And the purple blooming in the ground cover … global warming indeed …

My sister picked up on a few different things… She noted the wonderful branch screen over to the side. And we both loved the moss at the base of the huge oak tree centering the labyrinth. we laughed about what wonderful homes that tree would have made for the fairies of our childhood play.

And there is a really good information kiosk.

Consecration … Purgation … Illumination … Union … a new take. I’ll have to ponder those words.

So glad I made the quick detour. Thinking of you, Debbie Metzgar Shew!


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