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3.7.20 … Now it’s only a matter of time …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (12/40), 2020 Labyrinth Walks, 2020 Lenten Lists, Avondale Presbyterian Church-Charlotte NC:

It’s late Saturday Afternoon, 5:45 PM, and this is the last day of Eastern Standard Time; the day is ending. I love this time of day.

As I pulled into Avondale Presbyterian Church’s empty parking lot, I thought to myself: I have not seen a Saturday evening wedding at a church in a long time. That is really strange. I remember often driving by the churches in Charlotte at this time of day and seeing the wedding party going in or out. I realize that it is Lent, and Catholics and Episcopalians don’t marry during Lent, but still … Does no one get married in a church anymore?

Today is cold to me. And there is a slight wind so it feels colder than 54°.. And the chimes are ringing. I also hear the water rushing in the fountain and a dog barking nearby. And hello singing birds…

But what is wonderful about this walk is this setting sunlight. It lights the tops of the trees; it really makes it special. The grass also seems extremely green. As I noted the last time I was here, the boundaries are bright green with blooming moss or weeds or something.

When it is cold like this, I walk much faster. I think the clanging chimes make me rush as well.

Several years ago, the stone bench is on the side collapsed and now they have very sturdy benches, a good and necessary change.

I am under a flight path tonight and I can see the planes in the cloudless blue sky.

See the setting sun

I’ve got the sun setting opposite the entrance and a near full moon rising directly opposite, above the cross. A nice way to end the dark days of EST.

Hopefully I’ll be warm and sunny enough for me to wear my yellow shoes tomorrow 🙂

And for those who hate EST, there’s this …

“Last year, North Carolina came painfully close to passing a billthat would have removed the time change and made DST permanent all year.
House Bill 350, moved through the North Carolina House quickly last March, and it passed the full House in April. The full NC Senate then approved a first reading and referred it to the Senate Rules Committee on April 17. That is where it was stalled and has remained to this date.
There is currently talk of restarting the bill in the Senate, or writing a new bill entirely to make DST permanent in North Carolina.
Lawmakers from several neighboring states have also filed similar bills, including Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida, and a separate time permanence measure was introduced last year to the US Congress by Senator Marco Rubio.
President Trump has even stated that he would support making DST permanent nationwide.

Now it’s only a matter of time.”

Source: Tomorrow Might Be North Carolina’s Last Daylight Savings “Sping Forward” Event Ever,

To all my DST lovers … enjoy your season. As for me,I always love how refreshed I feel the morning the clocks spring forward.

Happy DST to my friends who have been SAD for these many months.


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