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3.10.20 … movie or book? …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (15/40), 2020 Labyrinth Walks, 2020 Lenten Lists, Wayt Private Labyrinth-Cumming GA:

I was on my way to Atlanta and I thought, maybe, just maybe, Mrs. Wayt will be free. And I texted this amazing friend and she answered … yes.

I picked up two Panera salads and arrived brown bag in hand …

We walked together with Bella her grand dog … I told her I didn’t mind walking nd talking so we talked. This is what we talked about.

  1. Rohr’s Universal Christ and The Divine Dance.

  1. Enneagrams … I’ve done mine but she hasn’t but she’s very interested.

  1. Brueggerman’s Lenten Devotionals

  1. Movies (Do you go alone or always with someone? Little Women. Emma … she’s not a JA fan (I’ll forgive her), too many silly manners.)

    Barbara Brown Taylor
    Books for a book club

  1. Interview of Salley Vickers (author of The Cleaner of Chartres)
  2. Unique labyrinths and their stories. (The labyrinth at Rome GA that was a reuse of a 1930s WPA project amphitheater and the gardens at the Water Tower. The labyrinth at Morning Star built installed as a memorial but layed by the man who adopted her orphaned daughter.

  1. Life in long term health care.

  1. Friendships when you are in your 90s. It certainly helps to have friends of all ages.

  1. Her gardens … including her stump garden

I’m blessed to have her as a friend. Her daughter too! Just love her and her labyrinth!

The weather was overcast and grim … a storm is brewing.


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