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3.11.20 … gut reaction?

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (16/40), Virtual Walk – Marietta GA, Driving Mama Lindsey:

Today was a Driving Mama Lindsey day … we drove to the prosthodontist and to the eye doctor and to the nail salon and back to her home. My mom is 93 and her eyesight is deteriorating rapidly. So now I must describe things, orient her, before we can tell stories. It is unsettling. But then it makes me slow down and orient myself. I realize that it is a thin place walk similar to a labyrinth walk.

I found this in a 2018 post:

I found this article about how to memorize the Chartres path. It explains the use of virtual. I have trouble memorizing the path, so I found this interesting. I may utilize this methods and then experiment to see if it enhances my reality walks.

The use of the word “virtual” is from its traditional definition of “existing or resulting in effect or essence though not in actual fact, form, or name,” as opposed to its more contemporary association with digital environments which should be classified as “computer based”.

The Labyrinth is the most powerful spiritual exercise that enables a person to access their innate Presence through the conscious heart and never through the rational head. It is purely spiritual. It is for all faiths even atheists. When one walks it they bring their own religious theology with them. You can have your own personal labyrinth to walk any time, in any place and under any circumstance. It is a “Virtual Labyrinth”.

The key to walking a virtual labyrinth is to discover the “labyrinth shuffle”. The shuffles must be caught, not taught. Trying to describe the shuffle in lieu of doing it is very difficult. The shuffle must be taught through experience rather than by theory. As we walk a labyrinth regularly we will begin to get a feel for being in the Presence. Once we get this feel, we will be able to access this Presence at other times and places, under any conditions.

The walk is not an aimless stroll. There are principles behind it. When a person is feeling insecure, they will think, feel and act differently, than when they are sensing the Presence of God’s Peace. As one enters the Labyrinth, moving towards the center, they begin to examine issues and struggles out of the Presence. The loops and curves of the labyrinth tend to take a person out of their head and into their heart to sense this presence within. Walking out from the center they will have new insights created by this inner presence they could not have when they are not in this experience.

Source: The Rev. Canon Paul Edwards-Walking the Virtual Chartres Labyrinth,

The corona virus continues to wreak havoc on global markets and in communities and on individuals. I actually thought how I would respond if I was prohibited from entering my mom’s retirement community. It could hapoen.

I then laughed at the silliness of my thoughts today … patent leather shoes … wtf …

It may not be time to get out the white shoes, but it’s definitely time to put up the black patent leather shoes. I always have “go to” shoes. And this year, and I do not really know why, my “go to” shoes have been black patent flats. Yesterday, Mrs. Wayt said, “Oh, you don’t want to get your nice shoes dirty walking the labyrinth.” I laughed; the shoes are not what I consider my nice shoes. These are my basics. I get them at target, and if I can’t find them at target, I get them online from Amazon. But I always have a pair of black patent flats.

Gut reaction?

And oh, how I wish that was a pic of my stomach!


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