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3.23.20 … “That—butterfly has got more of God in him than Jackson will ever see for the rest of eternity”

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (25/40), 2020 Lenten Lists, Avondale Presbyterian Church- Charlotte NC:

The first thing I noticed when I get out of my car was a pile of chopped wood. Why would a church have a stockpile of chopped wood?


Wow, the birds are really singing today. And just yesterday I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t seen any dogwoods beginning to bloom, and here today at Avondale they are most definitely beginning to bloom.

I love the sound of rushing water in the fountain.

There was only a slight breeze, so the chimes were quiet. It was cold , 48°, wet and overcast… Make that a slight drizzle…

The green of my yard clogs matched the green of the boundaries.

Well, the birds were really singing. I even spied a few. They were watching me, and I them.

The red leaf trees were fully leafed out. I’m going to have to look at my pictures from a few weeks ago to see what they looked like then.

There were constant chirpings of the birds. Oh, and I could see in the distance the large oak trees were beginning to leaf out.


And today I finally discovered the story that introduced me to the spiritual metaphor of butterflies. I knew it as soon as I touched the book …

“If anything ever makes me believe in God… Or life after death, “his uncle said.

“It’ll be what happened this afternoon..”

“There were a lot of clouds… But they were a blowing fast, so there was a lot of sunshine too. Right when they began to lower your father into the ground, into his grave, a cloud came over and there was a shadow just iron, and a perfectly magnificent butterfly settled on the — coffin, just rested there, right over the breast, and stayed there, just barely making his wings breathe, like a heart.“

“ he stayed there all the way down,… He never stirred, except just to move his wings that way, until it graded against the bottom like a — rowboat. And just when it did the sun came out just dazzling bright and he flew up out of that that — hole in the ground, straight up into the sky, so high I couldn’t even see him anymore.“

… “If there are any such things as miracles… then that’s surely miraculous.”


“That—butterfly has got more of God in him than Jackson will ever see for the rest of eternity”

Agee, James. A Death in the Family. New York, Bantam Books, 1972.

And there’s a family story that involves my sister, my grandparents, my cousin Judy, a funeral and a butterfly. And I have been trying to remember where I first encountered a butterfly at a funeral. It was important to me, and now I have found it.


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