3.27.20 … “Numbers aren’t just for counting, nor are they just symbolic. They are the actual essence of everything that exists.”

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (32/40), 2020 Lenten Lists, St. Stephen United Methodist Church – Charlotte NC:

This Labyrinth was a little wet again today. It was overcast and 60° degrees, but we are expecting a high if the sun comes out in the low 80s.

The birds were chirping, lawn maintenance equipment was going, including the high powered leaf blowers flowers, etc., a truck was backing up … There was a constant din of noise interspersed with a few chirping birds.

Today was the second day of the stay at home order. Since I had a doctor’s appointment, a permitted activity, I went out and drove myself to a labyrinth on the way home. I also filled up my car, washed my car (I guess those are essential activities as well) before I will returned to my house after pick up some new prescriptions.

I’m beginning to like this labyrinth because of its privacy … each one is unique.

I researched sacred geometry, again.

“Alex Champion’s Definition

Sacred geometry is the contemplation and utilization of the archetypal geometric patterns of Nature for the purposes of spiritual communion and healing.

Robert Ferré’s Definition

“Sacred geometry is the act of studying the divine act of creation and then using that knowledge to create in the same way. By studying nature, we find that the basic building blocks of creation are geometric. Since a divine hand is responsible for originating the numbers and proportions of the manifest universe, that geometry is sacred. Studying sacred geometry leads us to truth and self-understanding. All societies use sacred geometry to construct their temples, sacred places, and art. Chartres Cathedral, for example. And its labyrinth. Numbers aren’t just for counting, nor are they just symbolic. They are the actual essence of everything that exists.”

The Labyrinth Society: The Labyrinth Society: Sacred Geometry and Labyrinths



2020 Lenten Lists

Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families

See calendar pics

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