4.12.20 … “We may not transform reality, but we may transform ourselves. And if we transform ourselves, we might just change the world a bit.”

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (47/40), Easter 2020, Avondale Presbyterian Church – Charlotte NC, kith/kin:

He has risen, indeed!

For the last nine years, if I was in Charlotte, I would attend Avondale’s Easter Sunrise Service. Weather permitting, it was held on the labyrinth. A very appropriate end of my Lenten Walks.

And today there is no scheduled service, but I ventured out with a friend for a Easter Sunrise Labyrinth Walk.

As I drove to Avondale, I thought about how strikingly different this year has been. Normally I am traveling regularly throughout the Southeast and finding new labyrinths in new locations. Because of the coronavirus quarantine restrictions, I have been limited and have primarily walked labyrinths within 5 miles of my home. And Spring came early to the southeast this year. The daffodils were blooming in early February and definitely gone by this point in April. And even the dogwoods are passed their peak. So it is a very green Easter.

As I walked this morning with my friend, we discussed a new labyrinth to be installed in the next year or so at her home church, St. John’s Episcopal. Toni, a mutual friend, is the force behind this new labyrinth which is being built in memory of her husband Win who died in 2017. She has orchestrated a canvas labyrinth for St. John’s prior to the installation of the outdoor permanent labyrinth. I told my friend that the canvas labyrinth’s boundaries are green for two reasons: green is the color designated for Ordinary Time in the church liturgical calendar and green is the school color of Charlotte Country Day, the school where her husband taught for many years. So it seems appropriate that today the primary color that I see is green…

But actually today green symbolizes not ordinary time, but Extraordinary Time.

Although the day had broken when we arrived, the sun had not quite risen. I could see in the distance a faint pink sky telling me that the sun would be arriving from that direction.

This sacred garden is a sanctuary for birds, and today they were rejoicing this new day. We heard them as soon as we got out of the car.

When we entered the garden, a man and his wife were building the traditional Easter flower cross. They told us that although there would be no services today, the congregation has been invited to drop by and add flowers to the cross. They invited us to add flowers.

Again, my overwhelming sensory experiences were the color green and the singing of birds. I am sure this is an ordinary day for them, but I am not often here at this time, so it was an extraordinary experience for me.

The chimes were silent this morning. I often forget that the chimes are there to celebrate children who are part of this faith community who have died.

After walking the labyrinth, we walked the circular path to the cross on the hill.

And then we added flowers to the cross.

It was joyful to have a companion walk with me this morning.

It is an extraordinary time… He has risen, indeed.

And a quote from the poet Gary Snyder:

“We may not transform reality, but we may transform ourselves. And if we transform ourselves, we might just change the world a bit.”

Blessings to all…


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