5.9.20 … one lonely Rhododendrum welcoming me …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2020 Labyrinth Walks, Sardis Baptist Church – Charlotte NC:

The birds! And full canopy… And it is unseasonably cool, 60°. There was even snow up in the North Carolina mountains last night. This is the latest snowfall in North Carolina on record.

Today, most of the Lenten Roses were gone, all of the daffodils were gone, and there was one lonely Rhododendrum welcoming me.

It was really unseasonably cold/cool today, and there was a slight breeze which made it seem even cooler.

One of the first things I noticed today was the broken stone bench. Just like in Avondale, these very heavy stone benches seem to have been waiting for some mischievous youth to knock one over. I can’t imagine that it fell over on its own.

So, yes, it seemed odd that such a massive stone structure could collapse. It took a lot effort to knock it over.

I was in full shade as I walked.

Everyone has been talking about the increase in animal activity in urban environments. Well, the birds were really having a party. And my husband saw what he thought was a fox in our yard early this morning. That’s amazing.


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