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11.27.17 … “’Let there be…’- and there’s no telling what newness will surprise us.” …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Avondale Presbyterian Church, Charlotte NC:

This is my post-Thanksgiving, pre-Advent, late fall walk. And this is what I see, hear and feel:

Rushing water from the fountain at the columbarium;

Red leaf trees perfectly lighted in the late morning sun;

Feeling the loss of the large of oak at the center of this sacred garden;

More shade then sun on the labyrinth;

Rustling of the leave on the red leafed trees …

And I really miss the oak.

And I love this from James today …

The Christian year somewhat weirdly begins near the end of the calendar year – and all because of the way we mark our preparation for and then the marvel of the birth of Christ. It’s as if we go to Genesis 1 every Advent, and God looks down at the dark, formless, chaotic void of our lives and world, and creates anew.

When God created, in the beginning, God did so by speaking: “Let there be…” Ponder that with me. God could have manufactured or built or whittled a world. But God spoke – tipping us off that words would always matter, that words would give life. What we need most in life aren’t things, but words – words of love, encouragement, hope, tenderness, truth.

This month, we will look for the space God creates for us to step into. We may sing “Prepare him room,” but God is making the room for us to enter. And when we go there, grow there, and thrive there, nothing is ever the same. The English translation, “Let there be… and there was…” is too innocuous for the Hebrew. The original, short, crisp words, vayehi, vayehi (repeated!) mean “Something new arose” or “Now get this!” or “A huge turning point unfolded,” or “The most amazing thing happened.” God’s creating, God’s speaking, God’s making room for life and good is like that. “Let there be…” – and there’s no telling what newness will surprise us.





11.14.17 … Cynthia Bourgeault’s The Wisdom Jesus: the 10,000 intrusions when we meditate and that each pushing away of the intrusion is a attempt to reach back to God …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, private labyrinth – Charlotte NC:

Walking together is sometimes food for my soul. And today I enjoyed a walk with a labyrinth friend. She picked me up and we went to this private labyrinth that I have walked several times but not in the last 18 months.

The labyrinth is located in the private backyard of a very enthusiastic labyrinth facilitator and artist. And the labyrinth reflects her personality. This labyrinth is a full Chartres but on a diminished size. The paths are grass and moss and the boundaries are small river stones. There are chimes, water features, sculptures, etc.

This morning the weather was forbidding, but we made it as hospitable as we could. As we walked, my mind repeatedly wandered and I thought of the lecture from Cynthia Bourgeault’s The Wisdom Jesus where we talked about the 10,000 intrusions when we meditate and that each pushing away of the intrusion is a attempt to reach back to God. Today my walk was interrupted by thoughts of … the compass orientation of the labyrinth, whether the moss was “planted,” whether the sun would break through the overcast sky, the noisy garbage trucks, the wonderful forested garden …

Thank you Catherine for sharing your labyrinth and Toni for sharing your time.



10.27.17 … heartfelt visit ..

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Wayt private labyrinth – Cumming GA:

Heartfelt visit with Martha Wayt!

Sometimes sharing space and time with a person you adore is just the thing to put your world in perspective. Thank you, Mrs. W!



10.17.17 … I am feeling grief and loss and devastation. And all that feeling is for a tree… Maybe my feelings of grief and loss and devastation are not just for a tree … #me,too

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Avondale Presbyterian Church, Charlotte NC:

In my opinion today is the first day of fall because today is the first cool crisp day. I actually moved my ac to “off.”

Of course I go to Avondale, and I’m excited because before I can see into the sacred garden, I can hear the chimes. There’s a wonderful cool breeze today and it is making me so happy. But when I turn in, I am immediately feel grief. The huge and gorgeous oak tree that has been there forever is gone, completely gone except for the mark on the ground. They have taken it down and removed the stump and even filled in the hole. A man is walking in the garden and I ask him what happened. He says that they took it down on October 7 because it was dead. I am feeling grief and loss and devastation. And all that feeling is for a tree.

But I hear sounds of life: a train, running water in the fountain, and the cool breeze rushing through the leaves. Everything sounds wonderful today.

As I walk, I actually feel cold.


Although I have several #me,too stories, all from my pre-midlife period, all involve substances and two where I was impaired unknowingly by boys from “nice families.” There is another, tangentially related to the issue, that took away my voice and I have never recovered. It’s still angers me to think about it.

Back in back in the 90s, I was a thirty something lawyer in a political discussion with a “mentor” lawyer that I respected intellectually. He was a liberal. I was centrist conservative. I said that I judged a candidate not just by intellectual ability, political leanings and experience, but also by character. I made the statement that I could never vote for Bill Clinton or any candidate if the thought of being in room with him made me uncomfortable. This senior partner absolutely railed on me, belittled me and repeatedly brought this up for weeks, stating that a candidate’s personal life had nothing to do with his ability to lead the country, and besides all men in power had indiscretions. I said character counts. He considered my opinion uneducated at best. I did not vote for Bill Clinton in 1992. This respected lawyer no longer respected me because he believed I used an irrelevant standard. And this was before Monica Lewinsky.

During the Clinton presidency I delveloped prong two of my test: the likelihood that our constitution could “control” the politician or that if not, the checks and balances therein would work.

I continue to use my standard. I could not in good conscience vote for Trump and voted for Clinton because Trump failed step one of my multi prong test and I believed our constitutional checks and balances would have worked with Hillary Clinton while being challenged by Trump.

It has been very interesting to see many articles and opinion pieces list Weinstein, Ailes, Trump, O’Reilly, Cosby and Woody Allen, but fail to mention Bill Clinton. I wish someone would explain that to me.

I realize that 1992 was the beginning of my personal multi-prong test. First character and intelligence, then constitutional checks and balances and finally political leanings and experience.

Maybe my feelings of grief and loss and devastation are not just for a tree.


and Maren Tirabassi is always on point …

Me, too

To you who are constantly alert

to the signs that sexual harassment is present,

that sexual violence has happened,

to women and girls,

to trans men and gay men,

to anyone vulnerable,

I promise — me, too.

To you willing to stop everything

to listen to a story,

to share from your story

without making it about you,

I promise – me, too.

To you keeping faith with


which means not making it an idol —

being quiet or getting help,

and most of all willing to apologize

when you guess wrong,

I promise – me, too.

In fact, to everyone

who risks being awkward or nosy,

being shut down,

called out for being strident

or self-righteous,

the wrong gender to speak out,

or for actually being wrong

in a particular situation …

in fact, to everyone

who is praying but also staying,

remembering these posts


and also next April,

who knows you surely

will fall short on every promise

you ever make,

I promise – me, too.


8.21.17 … “Do you know the show you’re about to put on, Mr. Sun?”

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, First Baptist Church of Asheville, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Asheville NC, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse:

I am up in Asheville to get a 99.9 % view of the solar eclipse. So, of course I’m walking a labyrinth.

John and I are staying in a special place, the Westervelt Cabin, near Canton NC about 30 minutes southwest of downtown Asheville.

We leave the cabin about 8 am. On 151, the road to Asheville, we see a beautiful sunrise. I ask aloud, “Do you know the show you’re about to put on, Mr. Sun?”

I arrive at First Baptist Church before 8 and the gates are locked. I kill time and when I come back again after 8 AM, the gates are open. I take my “puppy” Albert with me and we have had a a very nice walk on this Chartres replica labyrinth.

Before I head home, John tells me that he noticed that St. John’s Episcopal Church has a labyrinth. He actually notices that, knows what it is and tells me about it! So on the day of the solar eclipse, I get it two walks.

The second labyrinth is a classical, pea-shaped labyrinth. In the center, there are a cross and several trinkets that walkers have left.

All told, it is a perfect solar eclipse double labyrinth walk day.



7.23.17 … the character of my walk is not as planned.

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Davidson College Labyrinth, Hobart Park, Davidson NC:

A tree that shaded the labyrinth has been cut down. This changes the feel of the park.

And because of the extreme heat and many storms, the labyrinth is littered with dead leaves, walnuts, and small limbs.

So the character of my walk is not as planned.

And Ann, I will never forgive you for pointing out the moss cross. I find myself seeking it and never find the perfect one you found on our walk together.




6.24.17 … a toy frog …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Avondale Presbyterian Church, Charlotte NC:

It is hot, but as much because it is muggy as because of the temperature. Actually, a combination of the two. I haven’t walked in a while so I approach the labyrinth with some trepidation.

And this one is overgrown

On my first approach to the center, I noticed a toy frog. I keep meaning to bring some trinkets to leave when I walk.

This walk is all about sound. I hear the rushing water for the fountain, the chimes, the cicadas, a few birds, cars on the nearby road and even a train…


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