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6.13.18 … “I would expect to see naming in a species capable of conceiving of death, burial, and afterlife/religion.”

Driving Mama Lindsey ….

Yesterday, Mom and I took a 2 hour drive in the late afternoon. We started out at Lenbrook and headed toward Habersham Road where it ends at Roswell Rd., via Old Ivy.

We didn’t really talk about the people and places as we usually do along the first part of our drive (as we drove along Habersham to Peachtree Battle, i.e., from the north to the south), because I was telling her about the graveside service of her cousin and close friend Jane Lou that my brother, sister and I attended on Tuesday. She wanted to know everything: our drive down, what Pineview looked like, what the cemetery looked like, were her family members’ graves in good shape, what the weather was like, who was there, how her children Jane Lou and Fletcher were holding up, what people looked like, who talked, what was said, and even what scripture was quoted, etc.

I finally satisfied her that I had told her everything I could remember, and we bounced back to our usual drive time chatter. As we progressed south on Peachtree Street, she wondered aloud how the Marsdens were doing, noticed the massive construction at Piedmont Hospital and then asked about all of our family friends who had shared time and space with us in Brookwood Hills. We drove up and down almost every street … Montclair, Pallisades, Northwood, Huntington, circled around the pool on Wakefield, Parkdale, Palisades, Huntington and Wakefield again, then up Camden and finally back down Brighton to see our home of 39 years at 139.

We then began the trip back heading north on Peachtree, winding through Peachtree Hills, along Sharondale Road where the Perrys live (another Pineview cousin), back west on East Wesley, around the Duck Pond, back up to Peachtree, then onto Andrews Drive driving past where the Mauldins lived (Atlanta family) and final heading back to Lenbrook via Valley, Habersham and Old Ivy again.

As we ended our drive, she looked at me and asked me when did humans begin to name themselves. I honestly have never thought about that. This is what I found out…

We know that names are a form of complex symbolism, so a species capable of complex symbolism ought to also be at least capable of forming or applying naming conventions. H. sapiens and H. neadnerthalensis are known to have engaged in complex ritual burials, at least going back to around 130,000 years ago. I would expect to see naming in a species capable of conceiving of death, burial, and afterlife/religion.

Source: When did humans start naming themselves? What’s the history behind names? Do non-human species use names? – Quora,

In light of the beginning of our conversation, I found it fascinating that some associate “naming in a species” with its capability “of conceiving of death, burial, and afterlife/religion.”

Maybe I’ll discuss this with my cultural anthropologist son.



5.15.13 … Spacious Places …

spacious places, Cary Umhau, kith/kin: I loved this blog post by dear friend Cary Umhau.  In the post, Cary asked her readers to list the potentially meaningful places in their past and the first thoughts that came to mind. Here goes …

Pineview GA:  grandparents, farm, southern cooking, front porches

Brookwood Hills (Atlanta GA): childhood, the Pool, best friends

Atlanta: home

Chicago: favorite North American city

Davidson NC: Davidson College, John, wasabies …

Westervelt Cabin: the mountains, cheap wine, many laughs, creek swimming, ultimate in relaxing

DeBordieu: beach, Easter, Thanksgiving, Teagues, Providence, family

Ashland Ave: neighbors

And there are places that tug at my heart that I have visited only for a few moments … Lake Toxaway, London, Edinburgh, Salzburg, Zermatt, Jackson Hole WY, Beijing, The Great Wall, Dublin, Cape Town SA, Annecy and Talloires, Honfleur, Mont St. Michel, Chartres and Paris.

So here is Cary’s post in full  that prompted this reminiscing …

“Of the people in my past, fading faces in a waking dream. And though they never seem to last very long, there are faces I remember from the places in my past…. Sometimes I can laugh and cry, and I can’t remember why, but I still love those good times gone by. Hold on to them close or let them go…,” sings James Taylor in his wistful paean to “good times gone by.”

It’s true. You too, I imagine. We collect people, we remember places. Some of them last; others fade away. But it all forms us.

What if you listed all the places in your past, at least the potentially meaningful ones, and then you simply reacted to each one by writing the first thing that comes to mind? I promise you’d have a little personal history, truer than anything you could conjure up if asked to tell a chronological or accurate story of where you’ve come from.

What places in your past have made you who you are today? What’s happening now, in the present moment, that is choosing the road to your future? Is this thing, this life, going where you want it to end up?

“Hold on to (it) close or let (it) go.”

via Places in My Past | SPACIOUS.

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