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12.3.13 … I do love Advent … but with true Advent practitioners “no Christmas hymn will pass the lips of a serious churchgoer for another two weeks.” …

Ok, so as a Southern Presbyterian, I did not celebrate Advent (or Lent for that matter), but as a 40-something in Chicago I embraced them both.  I must admit it is a learning process … if you did not grow  up with the traditions.  So this article being a rant on FOX, it contains some helpful information.

According to ancient Christian tradition, “Christmas” is not the December shopping season in advance of Christmas Day; rather, it is Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Twelve Days following that run until early January. During most of December, Christians observe Advent, a four-week season of reflection, preparation and waiting that precedes the yearly celebration of Jesus’ birth. In many mainstream and liturgical (and even liberal and progressive) churches, no Christmas hymn will pass the lips of a serious churchgoer for another two weeks. If you wander into a local Lutheran, Episcopal or Roman Catholic parish, the congregation will still be chanting the ethereal tones of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” or “Watchman, Tell Us of the Night.” There are no poinsettias, no Christmas pageants, no trees or holly, and no red and green altar linens. A few days ago, they might have preached about St. Nicholas — but not Santa Claus. There are no twinkling lights or over-the-top Christmas displays. Just four candles in a simple wreath, two partially burned, two yet to be lit. The mood is somber as December moves toward deeper darkness, and the night lengthens. The world waits, and it is time to prepare for the arrival of God’s kingdom. It is not Christmas. It is Advent.

via Diana Butler Bass: Fox News’ War on Advent.

7 Trips, Seeking Solitude, Adventure Travel Guide |

Let the masses line up for Old Faithful and Half Dome. These bold adventures take you to big places with the breathing room to match.

via 7 Trips For Those Seeking Solitude on a Grand Scale | Adventure Travel Guide |

20 Reasons You Absolutely Need A Dog In Your Life, Distractify, man’s best friend:

As if I didn’t already know … Can cats do anything but tell you when you are going to die?


Day-to-day depression, or even more serious chronic depression, is easier to handle with the love of a dog, studies show. Simply by having them around, and knowing that even at our worst, somebody loves us unconditionally and is eager to see us happy again, we’re given a reason to get up and keep going.

via 20 Reasons You Absolutely Need A Dog In Your Life | Distractify.


12.24.2010 … But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

holidays, Christmas Eve, FPC, carols:  One of may favorite things at Christmas is the Christmas service where everyone walks out with a lighted candle singing …

Silent night, holy night!

All is calm, all is bright.

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.

Holy infant so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

…Sleep in heavenly peace.


kids, college:  This one is from last year but good for a laugh …

For nature lovers, this season has brought the appearance of a special species, homo studentus universitatus, a.k.a. the college student on break.

via Kids home on college break: Homo studentus universitatus season is winding to a close – Chicago Tribune.

automobiles, green, marketing, Tennessee:  Cracker Barrel is being pretty smart with this one.

The “old country store” embraces the new. Cracker Barrel is going to install electric vehicle charging stations at 24 of its restaurants along three Tennessee freeways. Twelve of them will be Blink chargers that can get a Chevy Volt from dead to 80 percent in 20 minutes.

Tennessee, you may recall, is part of the EV Project, a public-private partnership that’s working to build an electric car charging infrastructure in six states (the others are California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Arizona). Progress!

via Tennessee Will Get Electric Car Chargers at Cracker Barrel Restaurants – Transportation – GOOD.

health, happiness:  Interesting

The Harvard Study of Adult Development, begun in 1937, has been following the lives of 268 men, from college to death, to learn what makes for a good life.Dr. George Vaillant, a professor at Harvard Medical School, has been the director of the study for 42 years. In this excellent short video from The Atlantic, he discusses lessons he learned about fame, ambition, and happiness along the way. In the end, his expansive empirical studies confirmed what John Lennon told us a few decades ago:”The job isn’t conforming, it isn’t keeping up with the Jones’. It is playing and working and loving. And loving is probably the most important. Happiness is love. Full stop.”But it’s great to hear it from a doctor.

via The Scientific Pursuit of Happiness – GOOD Blog – GOOD.


12.23.24 … why I thought today was a good day to pay taxes, pet license fees, etc., I do not know … Merry Christmas!

food, 1970s:  So very 70s, but I do love them …  French-Inspired Party: Crepes for Christmas : Holidays and Parties : Food Network.

cookbooks, holidays, graphics:  From Linda Hoopes … A fun holiday cookbook and tutorial on how graphics can be used to explain things. Amazing holiday recipes from around the world | Happy holidays 2010 from XPLANE – Page 3.

calendar, Christmas, Christmas Eve:  I might just put this on my calendar … first at 8 at FPC then on the tv …

Tony Award winner Victoria Clark will be featured in the holiday broadcast, “A Christmas for Everyone: A Service of Lessons and Carols,” which will air nationwide Dec. 24 at 11:35 PM ET on CBS.

via Victoria Clark Will Be Featured in CBS’ “A Christmas for Everyone” –

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