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10.13.13 … on the bus … what does the brat pack have to do with it? …

Happy birthday to my Mom earlier this month.  🙂

I made my usual trip on the bus, on MY bus. And it was absolutely delightful trip.  I ventured down and was able to read and play on the computer on my way down.

When I got “home,”  I  had dinner with my mom on Tim’s patio. Tim was the former manager at the community, and he died at young age;  they named the patio after him. The patio is probably my favorite place to eat when the temperature is just right. We enjoyed an evening with a another couple. This coupled warned us that they were not talkative. My mom and I both looked each other all knowingly. We knew we could fill in the gaps of any quiet couple. So we got them talking about Africa and Sudoku puzzles, and by the end of the evening, we had a delightful conversation. It was a wonderful birthday.

The next morning we ran errands and had lunch with my brother and his family at in this Prime, a steak and sushi restaurant.  I chuckle because my mother will never add sushi to her repertoire of food items.

After that we ventured home and relaxed, and then went down for dinner and bingo. At bingo, we won $60 on a $20 investment. Not bad!

The next day, we again just spent time together and then headed out for dinner with the extended adult clan where at the dinner table we discussed such significant issues as our favorite scenes in movies. Mine was closing scene of Dirty Dancing. Then we discussed those situations where you’re watching a movie with  an audience, such as your grandparents, and it is not appropriate. We noted several, including Bull Durham and Flashdance.

via ▶ Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance) – High Quality – YouTube.

The end of that evening was the beginning of the end of the Braves. It was the first game of the series and it was a disaster. It was interesting because my mother was such a fan that it made me realize that I was really not a significant van and contrast.  Afterwards we watched Downton Abbey, a better use of our time.

And then I returned on the bus …

where I watched several episodes of  …


Trivia fact:  Did you know that Elizabeth McGovern/Lady Cora was part of the Brat Pack?  And speaking of the Brat Pack, Dirty Dancing is a classic Brat Pack film.  🙂

The Brat Pack is an unofficial group of young actors in the 1980s who appeared in several teen-oriented comedies and romantic comedies and were dubbed as a group due to their popularity, hipness and frequent appearances together. The name is a play on the on the name Rat Pack, which was an official group in the 1960s. The actors who are frequently listed as members of the Brat Pack are:

Kevin Bacon

Matthew Broderick

Tom Cruise

Jon Cryer

John Cusack

Matt Dillon

Robert Downey, Jr.

Emilio Estevez

Jami Gertz

Jennifer Grey

Anthony Michael Hall

C. Thomas Howell

Diane Lane

Rob Lowe

Mary Stuart Masterson

Andrew McCarthy

Elizabeth McGovern

Demi Moore

Judd Nelson

Molly Ringwald

Ally Sheedy

Charlie Sheen

James Spader

Kiefer Sutherland

Patrick Swayze

Mare Winningham

via Brat Pack – The TV IV.


5.9.13 … Nobody puts Howard Roark in the corner! …

Dirty Dancing, The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, racial integration:  One of my favorite rainy day movies is … Dirty Dancing. 🙂  I just noticed that Robbie the Creep gave Baby a copy of The Fountainhead in an early scene (where Baby is trying to talk to Robbie soon after Baby learns that Robbie has “knocked up” Penny).  I truly do not understand the Ayn Rand cult followers. But Robbie giving her The Fountainhead says a lot without mentioning Rand.

In response to my musings on Dirty Dancing … Mike: Nobody puts Howard Roark in the corner! Classic!

I also searched Dirty Dancing and integration and that search led to this … Unspeakable images: ethnicity and the American cinema – Google Books.  Enjoy!

Apple, iPhoto:  

So Apple, I think you’ve got a bit confused. Don’t worry about sharing, we don’t need you for that. Your job is to take photos, organise them and make sure they don’t get lost. So let’s talk about how you can do that.

via Peter Nixey – Dear Apple, let’s talk about photos.

Quick-Pickled Shrimp, Recipes,  BA Daily: Bon Appétit:  The picture made my mouth water!

Quick-Pickled Shrimp

via 7 Fast Easy Fresh Recipes for May: BA Daily: Bon Appétit.



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