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3.2.14 … “Take a seat. it’s a good place to be still. And I promise to say nothing. ” …

Netflix binge, Monarch of the Glen: bingeing on Netflix … no, not House of Cards … Monarch of the Glen … So in a few days I have made it to the midway point of Series 2.  🙂

8th Best British Television Show on Netflix Instant: Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen is a drama from BBC One. Monarch of the Glen is loosely based on the Highland Novels written by Compton Mackenzie. Monarch of the Glen is about a restaurant owner that returns home when he hears his father is sick. When he arrives home his mother informs him he has inherited his father’s estate and castle and that he must restore order.

via 10 Best British Televlsion Shows on Netflix Instant – Yahoo Voices – 

and I loved this quote … “Take a seat.  it’s a good place to be still.  And I promise to say nothing. ”

Fnac La Défense, Paris, interesting:

Fnac La Défense, an entertainment store in Paris, uses this eye-twisting carpet as a marketing tool. The floor is flat, but visitors might find they have an excuse for hours spent browsing—time slowed down in the store. Sadly, there don’t seem to be videos of customers edging around the store trying to avoid getting sucked into a gravity well, but that is a hole ‘nother story.

Image credit: Alex Kortling


via I fucking love science.

 Veriditas, spirituality, labyrinth, emerging paradigm, Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress:

The labyrinth is undergoing a worldwide resurgence in human consciousness because it orders chaos, encourages our intuitive knowing, enlivens the body, embraces the receptive, feminine archetype and opens the reflective, contemplative world where symbols resonate within. The singular circuitous path offers a clear, profound and shared metaphor for life’s journey, the human pilgrimage we are all on together. Above all, it addresses our soul’s hunger for meaning and to be of service in our struggling world.

Join this Veriditas pilgrimage in Chartres, France to learn more deeply about the labyrinth that is embedded in the floor of Chartres Cathedral since 1201. Discuss the present day spiritual issues with like-minded people, enjoy the medieval village and experience the cathedral at night in a private group ritual that ends with a candlelit labyrinth walk.

via Veriditas – The Spirituality of the Labyrinth: Nurturing the Emerging Paradigm in our Lives with the Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress.

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