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2.16.14 … Let it be …

The Beatles: The Night That Changed America – A GRAMMY Salute, David Letterman with Paul and Ringo, YouTube, kith/kin, Remember when … : I was 4, but I remember how excited my 9-year-old sister was.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were the guests of honor during Sunday night’s pre-taped CBS special, “The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles,” a celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ “Ed Sullivan Show” appearance on Feb. 9, 1964. McCartney and Starr performed “With A Little Help From My Friends” and “Hey Jude” together, this after McCartney and Starr both played separate sets of Beatles classics. (Other performers on the telecast included Katy Perry, John Mayer, Keith Urban and more.)

via Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr Remember The Beatles’ Ed Sullivan Appearance.

Downton Abbey, Favorite Downton Lines:  Downton. What a nice way to end the weekend. “What’s a weekend?” Last week’s favorite line … That’s why we all love the uppity chauffeur.

So what will be my favorite line tonight??

Heartwarming message,  snow, HI MOM GOD BLESS U,  

For Sharon Hart, the third day after her chemotherapy treatment for acute myeloid leukemia is always the hardest. That’s when she feels weak and sometimes discouraged.

“The blood levels are depleted and I get tired and sick to my stomach,” said Hart, of Bolingbrook.

She was feeling that way Saturday afternoon at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center when she looked out the window and found reason to smile.

On top of the hospital parking lot, her 14-year-old son William had stomped out a message in newly fallen snow, in letters the length of two cars: HI MOM. The ‘o’ was made into a smiley face.

via Warmth spreads through hospital after son leaves message in snow – Chicago Tribune.

Happy, Pharrell Williams, Happy (Official Music Video), YouTube:  I Absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via ▶ Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video) – YouTube.

Nora Ephron, Lists of Note, lists: An interesting exercise …

The great Nora Ephron passed away on June 26th of 2012, aged 71, following a battle with leukemia that began in 2006. She had many strings to her bow, but most notably wrote the screenplays to some of the best loved films ever to grace the big screen, many of which she also directed and produced. She wrote the following lists — of things she won’t and will miss — in 2010 and used them to close her book, I Remember Nothing.

(Source: I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections; Image: Nora Ephron, via.)

What I Won’t Miss

Dry skin

Bad dinners like the one we went to last night


Technology in general

My closet

Washing my hair



Illness everywhere

Polls that show that 32 percent of the American people believe in creationism


Fox TV

The collapse of the dollar

Bar mitzvahs


Dead flowers

The sound of the vacuum cleaner


E-mail. I know I already said it, but I want to emphasize it.

Small print

Panels on Women in Film

Taking off makeup every night

What I Will Miss

My kids





The concept of waffles


A walk in the park

The idea of a walk in the park

The park

Shakespeare in the Park

The bed

Reading in bed



The view out the window

Twinkle lights


Dinner at home just the two of us

Dinner with friends

Dinner with friends in cities where none of us lives


Next year in Istanbul

Pride and Prejudice

The Christmas tree

Thanksgiving dinner

One for the table

The dogwood

Taking a bath

Coming over the bridge to Manhattan


via Lists of Note.

first world problems, microwave popcorn:  I usually buy the #1 brand. I like the new sea salt flavored.

1. Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter

Price: 6 for $3.88

Packaging: 8 – Minimal but classic. The color scheme recalls the glory days of Blockbuster video (pour out a cup of butter for your homie).

Butteriness: 9 – This is an entirely different butter experience. It tastes like butter! And we’re not talking movie theater butter*: it’s like the actual churned dairy product. You don’t at all feel like you’re eating a science experiment.

Fluffiness: 8 – The texture is soft, the kernels are perfectly obliterated, and the real butter lubrication ties the whole package together like a Clint Howard cameo.

Overall flavors: 9 – This isn’t as flashy as Jolly Time or as wet as Orville, but Pop Secret delivers a nearly flawless snacking experience that doesn’t taste overly-processed or underflavored.


*I worked in a movie theater in high school, and the butter was actually straight vegetable oil.

via The Best Microwave Popcorn Money Can Buy., kith/kin:  Another step toward the goal …

A big thanks to everyone who made it out yesterday for the Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening. The event was a huge success and I was encouraged to see so many people excited about my Campaign for Congress.

Interested in volunteering on the campaign? Go here —>

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