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6.24.13 … MegaBus and Bruce Feiler’s Walking the Bible: SHALOM HAVER … “We’re drawn to written things,” Avner said, explaining the stickers. “We’re still a people of the Book.” …

MegaBus is not as crowded today and a more diverse mix of folks than I have ever seen.  I am sitting at the table, happily connected to the very slow wifi.

My companions at the tables are a female student in a hoodie with a tiny string of pearls and a necklace that says “Michael,” a grandma type who is very tired and a first time rider, a bald-headed younger man in a tawny brown tee shirt with a white steer outline and khakis and a younger matronly type. The last woman wins the best dressed of our group.  I will say that comfortable athletic clothes are the usual outfits.

No one is a chatter box, so I think we are a good group.  🙂

Our driver is a female and she seems in control.

I am reading Bruce Feiler’s Walking the Bible. I always notice bumper stickers, so this quote from early in the book jumped out at me.

Also, every car had at least one bumper sticker, mostly on political topics, like GIVING UP TERRITORY IS DANGEROUS FOR JEWS, some were emotional, like SHALOM HAVER, or “Good-bye Friend,” which is what President Bill Clinton said at the funeral for slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. “We’re drawn to written things,” Avner said, explaining the stickers. “We’re still a people of the Book.”  Feiler, Bruce (2010-09-14). Walking the Bible (P.S.) (p. 51). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

I am reading this book because Bruce Feiler, the author will be at my church in September.

An Evening with Bruce Feiler

via First Presbyterian Church – For Christ In the Heart of Charlotte.


The Willard Lecture Series Presents: An Evening with Bruce Feiler September 29, 2013. 5 pm

Are We in a Holy War? A Way Forward for Jews, Christians, and Muslims Today

At a time when the world is asking how the Arab Spring and the death of Osama bin Laden will reshape our times, Feiler will offer a vivid behind-the-scenes portrait of history in the making. Drawing on fifteen years of travels across the region, from Egypt to Israel, Iraq to Iran, Feiler brings his unprecedented experience to the most pressing questions about the Middle East peace and relations among Jews, Christians, and Muslims worldwide.

The speech will be followed by dinner and a panel discussion with leaders of local communities of faith. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BRUCE FEILER CLICK HERE (

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