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7.22.13 … I must be hungry … !Chocolate Eclair Cake! … fresh basil … vacation eats: frogmore stew, shrimp and grits, peach ice cream …

Chocolate Eclair Cake: !!!

Photo: Yum-O! Never lose this recipe - Just click "SHARE" to save this to the "photos" section of your page! </p><br /><br />
<p>Chocolate Eclair Cake!!!<br /><br /><br />
 1 cup water<br /><br /><br />
 1/2 cup butter<br /><br /><br />
 1 cup flour<br /><br /><br />
 4 large eggs<br /><br /><br />
 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened<br /><br /><br />
 1 large box (5.1 ounces) vanilla instant pudding<br /><br /><br />
 3 cups milk<br /><br /><br />
 1 8 oz. container cool whip (you won’t use the whole container) or one batch of homemade whipped cream<br /><br /><br />
 chocolate syrup or homemade chocolate sauce</p><br /><br />
<p>Instructions:<br /><br /><br />
 Preheat oven to 400. Lightly grease a 9″X13″ glass baking pan.<br /><br /><br />
 Eclair Crust: In a medium saucepan, melt butter in water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir in flour. Mix in one egg at a time, mixing completely before adding another egg. Spread mixture into pan, covering the bottom and sides evenly. *If the sides of your pan are too greased you won’t be able to get the mixture to stay up the sides so make sure to just lightly grease.<br /><br /><br />
 Bake for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown (Mine only took 25 minutes.) You may want to check it occasionally-you don’t want to overcook the crust, it will ruin the cake! Remove from oven and let cool (don’t touch or push bubbles down).<br /><br /><br />
 Filling: Whip cream cheese in a medium bowl. In separate bowl make vanilla pudding. Make sure pudding is thick before mixing in with cream cheese. Slowly add pudding to cream cheese, mixing until there are no lumps. Let cool in fridge.When the crust is completely cooled, pour filling in. Top with layer of cool whip however thick you want it and serve with chocolate syrup. *If you want to make this even better use homemade whipped cream.

! Chocolate Eclair Cake!!!

1 cup water

1/2 cup butter

1 cup flour

4 large eggs

1 8 ounce package cream cheese, softened

1 large box 5.1 ounces vanilla instant pudding

3 cups milk

18 oz. container cool whip you won’t use the whole container or one batch of homemade whipped cream

chocolate syrup or homemade chocolate sauce


Preheat oven to 400.

Lightly grease a 9″X13″ glass baking pan.

Eclair Crust: In a medium saucepan, melt butter in water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir in flour. Mix in one egg at a time, mixing completely before adding another egg. Spread mixture into pan, covering the bottom and sides evenly. If the sides of your pan are too greased you won’t be able to get the mixture to stay up the sides so make sure to just lightly grease.Bake for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown Mine only took 25 minutes. You may want to check it occasionally-you don’t want to overcook the crust, it will ruin the cake! Remove from oven and let cool don’t touch or push bubbles down.

Filling: Whip cream cheese in a medium bowl. In separate bowl make vanilla pudding. Make sure pudding is thick before mixing in with cream cheese. Slowly add pudding to cream cheese, mixing until there are no lumps. Let cool in fridge.When the crust is completely cooled, pour filling in. Top with layer of cool whip however thick you want it and serve with chocolate syrup. If you want to make this even better use homemade whipped cream.

garden, 16 Recipes for Fresh Basil:  I have basil!

Use Up Your Garden: 16 Recipes for Fresh Basil

via Use Up Your Garden: 16 Recipes for Fresh Basil | Spoonful.

lists, The 4 Essential Treats the Foodist MUST Eat on Vacation, vacation eats: What’s on your list? Mine includes Frogmore stew, shrimp and grits, peach ice cream … 

1. Corn Dogs (pictured above)

Lots of yellow mustard; hold the ketchup.

2. Watermelon

With seeds and plenty of salt, thank you very much.

3. Fried Clams

Bellies are a must. They taste even better with an ocean view.

4. Peanuts

Salted, roasted, and in the shell at whichever baseball park the Atlanta Braves happen to be playing.

via 4 Essential Summer-Vacation Treats, According to the Foodist Andrew Knowlton: The Bon Appetit Foodist: Bon Appétit.


6.16.13 … basil: caprese salad, anyone? pesto?

Basil, caprese salad, pesto, garden: Just love fresh basil … caprese salad , anyone?

 Harvest: You can start harvesting once the leaves reach a reasonable size. For continued production, don’t remove more than a third of the leaves. Cut just above a node to encourage leaf production.

via Bright color, quick growth and endless uses for cooking make this summer annual a winner in the garden or a pot.


3.15.13 … time to plant the garden …

garden, to do list:


More about our newly remodeled garden – coming soon.

Spring is approaching fast. We started out seedlings indoors. I also stared several flowers. I’m planning for a large trellis wall on the porch covered with Morning Glory climbing all over it. Very excited season is starting. Tomorrow we are getting more soil to fill my new wood flower beds.

What are your plans for your garden, flower beds? Please share.

via Timeline Photos.


9.1.2011 … boys off to Louisville … Molls to the Panthers … I’m home with the beasts …

Hurricane Irene, apiculture:  30 -40,000 bees!  Oh, my.

That a swarm of bees would draw a swarm of people reflects the growing interest in beekeeping, or apiculture, which has been expanding since the city legalized it in March of last year. Although there are no statistics on the number of beekeepers in the city, some involved in the practice estimate that there are over 200 keepers tending hives on their rooftops or in their backyards. (Beekeepers are required to register their hives with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, but it’s likely not everyone does.)

Mr. Fischer, who teaches about 100 students each year, said he was amazed by the number of young mothers and teachers, like Ms. Dory and Ms. Dorn, who had been drawn to bees.

“Five years ago the beekeeper demographic was an old white man who had retired after working 30 years as a machinist somewhere,” he said.

Beehives are the new ant farms, it seems.

And in the end, who would claim the Fort Greene bees? A compromise, of sorts, was reached.

As the sun went down on Sunday, Ms. Dory and Ms. Dorn loaded up a truck with the bandaged tree limb and a back seat full of bees and took them to a community garden in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where the hive rested for the night.

Andrea Morales/The New York Times

Liz Dory, an amateur beekeeper, is caring for 30,000 to 40,000 rescued bees on the roof of her brownstone in Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn.

On Monday, the comb was carefully excised from the branch and the bees were transferred to wooden frames in a procedure that involved a vacuum, serrated bread knives and rubber bands. Mr. Fischer was on hand to settle the bees on the top of Ms. Dory’s brownstone in Prospect Lefferts Gardens after successfully introducing the new queen to the hive.

Ms. Dory will house the bees and, if they survive the winter, she will give half of them, in what is known as a “split,” to Ms. Dorn.

And, in an effort to maintain good relationships with her fellow beekeepers, she called Mr. Coté to thank him for efforts. Without his help, she said, her hive would not have survived.

via Bees Rescued After Tree Torn by Storm –

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, quotes:  Why paraphrase?
On Feb. 4, 1968, two months before he was assassinated, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a haunting sermon at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church about a eulogy that might be given in the event of his death.

“If you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice,” King told the congregation. “Say that I was a drum major for peace. I was a drum major for righteousness. And all of the other shallow things will not matter.”

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is revealed to members of the press before opening to the public. The design is derived from part of King’s famous “I have a dream” speech when he said, “With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” The memorial sits by the tidal basin between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials.

The sermon was so powerful that the designers of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington selected those lines to be inscribed on the memorial’s towering statue of the civil rights leader.

But because of a design change during the statue’s creation, the exact quotes had to be paraphrased, and now one of the memorial’s best-known consultants, poet and author Maya Angelou, says the shortened inscription is misleading and ought to be changed.

Carved on the north face of the 30-foot-tall granite statue, the inscription reads: I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness.

“The quote makes Dr. Martin Luther King look like an arrogant twit,” Angelou, 83, said Tuesday. “He was anything but that. He was far too profound a man for that four-letter word to apply.

via Maya Angelou says King memorial inscription makes him look ‘arrogant’ – The Washington Post.

health, weight, weight loss, models:  I could have told you that …

In principle, the heavier person could make the necessary cuts in stages—reducing his daily intake again and again as he lost weight. In practice, that would take a will of iron, and the few people who have such willpower rarely get fat in the first place. The lesson, then, is to stay, rather than become, slim. Not easy, in a world whose economic imperative is to satisfy every appetite, but perhaps a little more urgent now Dr Hall has put numbers on it.

via Obesity: A wide spread problem | The Economist.

food, garden, heirloom tomatoes:  I used to hate tomatoes!  But aren’t these guys beautiful?

Heirloom Tomatoes

Is the combination of historic weather and the dwindling days of summer getting you down? Turn to Fresh Local Best for instant culinary inspiration in the form of a no-cook summer favorite: thick slices of heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with salt and cracked black pepper. Up the flavor ante with an optional drizzle of tangy balsamic syrup and a handful of blue cheese crumbles.

via Image of the Day: Heirloom Tomatoes — Gourmet Live.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney: maybe he is just getting senile.

“He’s developed an angst and almost a protective cover, and now he fears being tried as a war criminal,” Wilkerson told ABC News, “because that’s the way someone who’s decided he’s not going to be prosecuted acts: boldly, let’s get out in front of everybody, let’s act like we are not concerned and so forth when in fact they are covering up their own fear that somebody will Pinochet him.”

Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was arrested for war crimes years after relinquishing power.

Wilkerson, who has known Cheney for decades, said Cheney has become a “very vindictive person” and “I simply don’t recognize Mr. Cheney anymore.”

via Dick Cheney fears being charged as a war criminal, former Colin Powell aide says – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

Willie Nelson, sustainable agriculture: Impressive.

Willie Nelson covers Coldplay, with brilliant animation by filmmaker Johnny Kelly (ofProcrastination fame), commissioned by Chipotle to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system

curiosity counts – Willie Nelson covers Coldplay, with brilliant….

9/11, changes:  For me it is airport security and the memorial a family puts up every year on my walking path.

In the 10 years since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the national landscape has changed in so many ways. Politically. Culturally. Physically.

We want to know how the world looks differently to you because of 9/11, in ways big and small. Have government buildings been closed off in your area? Is your commute different? Are there artistic displays or memorials in your neighborhood?

via Sept. 11 changed our world. How did it change yours? (#911changes) – BlogPost – The Washington Post.

food – southern, cheese grits:  Cheese grits made with velveeta … ugh!

In the morning there was breakfast at a great divey place around the corner from the hotel, Mena’s. I ordered an omelet with andouille sausage and grits with cheese. The plate arrived. I could tell by the bright-orange cheese with the weepy edges that the cheese nestled in my grits was Velveeta. For a moment, I paused. I haven’t eaten anything like this in over ten years. Velveeta? And then I thought, “What the hell? I’m in New Orleans.”

Damned if that wasn’t a good breakfast.

via warm brown rice and grilled vegetables salad.


‎7.14.2010 … talked to the molls … guess what they dont have, but love in South Africa … RANCH DRESSING!

friends, relationships, followup:  What do you think? Are best friends bad for kids?  Who are your friends?

We talked about categories — family, chosen family, neighbors, close male friends, collective friends (i.e. whole groups, some members of which we are closer to than others but generally considering the whole group friends), friends with common experiences (contingency friends, perhaps… from “the kids’ soccer team” or “the PTA,” relationships which sometimes fade when the context does), neighbor friends (people whom we can call to check on the dogs or make sure we turned off the stove).

via Friends for the Journey, or Parts thereof « Holy Vernacular.

green, environment: 7 square miles???

Seven-square miles of a Greenland glacier broke up on July 6 and 7, moving the edge of the glacier a mile inland in one day, the furthest inland it has ever been observed. While such calving of glaciers isn’t rare, seeing it happen at high resolution by satellite in almost real time is.

via Big chunk of Greenland glacier breaks off – Science Fair: Science and Space News –

food, garden, travel, vocabulary:  When we were in China in ’07, at one point we were starving for western junk food, and our guides ordered french fries … 5 huge orders … and then asked if we would like tomato jam with that … when we realized they were asking if we wanted ketchup, we broke out laughing.

Tonight with our bountiful tomato harvest, we will make our first batch of tomato jam! Recipe – Tomato Jam – Recipe –

culture, families:  They ask hard questions some times.

Doctors, and the parents who look to them for advice, need a way to integrate their standards of honesty with what we know about preventing substance abuse — and with new research that makes it clear we know a lot more today than anyone did when we were young. (Which may help explain some of the dumb decisions made by so many of us, including me.)

In particular, scientists understand much more about the neurobiology of the teenage brain and the risks of experimenting with drugs and alcohol during adolescence. While we used to think the brain was relatively mature by 16 or 18, in fact it is still developing into the mid-20s.

“If the way it’s presented is, ‘This is risky, and I hope that you don’t have to touch the hot stove to find out you get burned,’ they don’t have to take the same chance.”

And finally, after all the cautions and the anxieties, it’s essential to come back to the positives — “always remembering to notice the good about your child,” Dr. Williams said.

After all, the most important message a parent can give is not about the mistakes that can derail a child, but about the joys of finding your way.

Tell your child, in Dr. Simkin’s words, that “I would prefer you to work on finding your passion, finding what in life you want to do” — and celebrate that potential.

And for that very reason, Dr. Williams said, “I would like them to have every brain cell they can have.”

The Press:  I think this goes too far.

We have entered a momentous period in the history of the American press. The invention of new communications technologies—especially the Internet—is transforming the human capacity to speak, perhaps as monumentally as the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. This is facilitating the largest and fastest expansion of global economic growth in human history. Free speech and a free press are essential to a dynamic economy.

This system needs to be revised and its resources consolidated and augmented with those of NPR and PBS to create an American World Service that can compete with the BBC and other global broadcasters. The goal would be an American broadcasting system with full journalistic independence that can provide the news we need. Let’s demonstrate great journalism’s essential role in a free and dynamic society.

via Lee Bollinger: Journalism Needs Government Help –

culture, families:  Toxic children … even the name is unsettling.

“The central pitch of any child psychiatrist now is that the illness is often in the child and that the family responses may aggravate the scene but not wholly create it,” said my colleague Dr. Theodore Shapiro, a child psychiatrist at Weill Cornell Medical College. “The era of ‘there are no bad children, only bad parents’ is gone.”

I recall one patient who told me that she had given up trying to have a relationship with her 24-year-old daughter, whose relentless criticism she could no longer bear. “I still love and miss her,” she said sadly. “But I really don’t like her.”

For better or worse, parents have limited power to influence their children. That is why they should not be so fast to take all the blame — or credit — for everything that their children become.

via Mind – Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds –

education, culture:

“I have to assume that in every class, someone will do it,” he said. “It doesn’t stop them if you say, ‘This is plagiarism. I won’t accept it.’ I have to tell them that it is a failing offense and could lead me to file a complaint with the university, which could lead to them being put on probation or being asked to leave.”

Not everyone who gets caught knows enough about what they did to be remorseful. Recently, for example, a student who plagiarized a sizable chunk of a paper essentially told my friend to keep his shirt on, that what he’d done was no big deal. Beyond that, the student said, he would be ashamed to go home to the family with an F.

As my friend sees it: “This represents a shift away from the view of education as the process of intellectual engagement through which we learn to think critically and toward the view of education as mere training. In training, you are trying to find the right answer at any cost, not trying to improve your mind.”

This habit of mind is already pervasive in the culture and will be difficult to roll back. But parents, teachers and policy makers need to understand that this is not just a matter of personal style or generational expression. It’s a question of whether we can preserve the methods through which education at its best teaches people to think critically and originally.

via Editorial Observer – Cutting and Pasting – A Senior Thesis by (Insert Name) –

fashion, technology:

But savvy competitors grasped how significant the Web would be for trend spotting and grabbed market share. Worth Global Style Network, known as WGSN, was founded in 1998 and now boasts 36,000 unique users. It sped up fashion forecasting with “up-to-the-minute information with no time delay” from a network of 200 trendspotters around the world, says Sally Lohan, the company’s West Coast content director.

Another rival, Stylesight, founded in 2004, has image banks and customizable trend analyses available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish.

Fashion bloggers, who spot local trends around the world and post new photos constantly, also help retail buyers, and they do it free of charge. “It is very easy to find out what’s going on in Shanghai and Tokyo with a click of a mouse,” says Bloomingdale’s fashion director Stephanie Solomon, who says she looks to Tobe not for ideas, but rather for confirmation of her own fashion hunches. For example, she says she placed big bets for spring 2010 on nautical stripes long before Tobe weighed in on the trend (and she was relieved to see that Tobe confirmed her instincts).

via Trend Forecaster Tobe Report Gets Trendy Again –

Apple iPhone: Up until the iPhone 4 flap, buying Apple was a no-brainer.

That’s just astounding. The folks at Nokia, RIM, etc., should hang their heads in shame.

via You Can’t Appreciate How Completely Apple Has Humiliated The Cellphone Industry Until You See These Charts.

technology, business, Great Recession:

That is the hope of an increasing number of investors who are turning to the science of artificial intelligence to make investment decisions.

With artificial intelligence, programmers don’t just set up computers to make decisions in response to certain inputs. They attempt to enable the systems to learn from decisions, and adapt. Most investors trying the approach are using “machine learning,” a branch of artificial intelligence in which a computer program analyzes huge chunks of data and makes predictions about the future. It is used by tech companies such as Google Inc. to match Web searches with results and NetFlix Inc. to predict which movies users are likely to rent.

via ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Gains Fans Among Investors –

Davidson, education internships:  Davidson is supporting 20 research projects this summer.  What a great thing! And what a great internship!

Allison’s research project aims to answer the question: Can a business corporation, as an entity that is distinct from the employees, shareholders, and other members that compose it, be held morally responsible for its actions? More specifically, she is addressing the role of corporate structure (e.g. its written policies, unwritten corporate culture, etc.) in defining the corporation’s moral status.

via » Research at Davidson: Allison Drutchas.

Two days later I was sporting an official badge, revising policy manuals, performing employee housing inspections, and passing Ambassador Thorne on the compound. I have made courtesy calls to the head of each embassy section, and enjoyed meetings with the ambassadors of the Tri-Mission (because Rome is the home to an unusual case of three independent US Embassies: Italy, the Holy See, and the UN).

I have had the unique pleasure of exploring Villa Taverna, the home of the U.S. Ambassador to Italy, and I have gone days speaking only Italian because all but two officers in my section are locally-employed Italians. This weekend I will have the opportunity to assist in the visit of U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, and on Monday I will have a private tour of the French Embassy, which contains many Michelangelo works.

There appears to be no end for me to the surprises at the Ambasciata Americana! For the first time in my life, I am seriously considering a career with the US Foreign Service. Ciao a tutti e tanti abbracci!

via Good Call! |.

health, alternative medicine:

But for those who can take the heat and cope with the pollen, spending more time in nature might have some surprising health benefits. In a series of studies, scientists found that when people swap their concrete confines for a few hours in more natural surroundings — forests, parks and other places with plenty of trees — they experience increased immune function.

Stress reduction is one factor. But scientists also chalk it up to phytoncides, the airborne chemicals that plants emit to protect them from rotting and insects and which also seem to benefit humans.

via Really? – The Claim – Exposure to Plants and Parks Can Boost Immunity – Question –

food, random:

Would I recommend it? Reservedly, yes, but mostly because afterward you can honestly say you’ve eaten a burger made out of bacon, and not many people can say that. If you don’t care about the “honor” of it, I suggest sharing it with at least one other person, because it’s not likely you’ll actually want to eat more than half. I suggest uncured bacon so the salt doesn’t make your blood pressure spike. Cook it the way I did unless you want it to bathe in its own fat as it cooks. Oh, yes, and wash it down with something with a bite to it, because otherwise the taste of the bacon fat will likely overwhelm your palate.

via The Great Bacon Odyssey: Bacon, the Other Crispy Brown Meat | GeekDad |


6.10.2010 … getting ready for graduation … off to Atlanta to pick up my mom … and celebrate the big sis’ bday …

city life, gardening: We have a great “urban garden” at our house … if we could just keep Bambi, Peter and their 2 Hush Puppy friends out of the tomatoes …

Urban gardening is something that never ceases to amaze.  Walking around Capitol Hill and seeing the ingenuity people display to grow their tomatoes and pumpkins in tiny and otherwise inhospitable spaces is not just a thing of beauty but a real triumph over the grim barrenness of the city.

via Learning a Love of Good Food at the Watkins Teaching Kitchen.

bees, technology: really?

It seems like the plot of a particularly far-fetched horror film. But some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world’s harvests fail.

They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world – the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon – which started in the US, then spread to continental Europe – was beginning to hit Britain as well.

via Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? – Nature, Environment – The Independent.

garden, local eats, Charlotte:  Anybody been?  Poplar Ridge Farm – Organic CSA – Charlotte, NC.

literature, places, DC: Maybe you should buy it, Cary? Politics and Prose bookstore to be put up for sale.

history, style:  It’s funny, I just found these really cute handmade shoes on etsy and they look a lot like the these!

About 5,500 years ago someone in the mountains of Armenia put his best foot forward in what is now the oldest leather shoe ever found.

It’ll never be confused with a penny loafer or a track shoe, but the well-preserved footwear was made of a single piece of leather, laced up the front and back, researchers reported Wednesday in PLoS One, a journal of the Public Library of Science.

via Scientists Find 5,500-Year-Old Preserved Shoe In Cave : NPR.

Etsy shoes … 🙂

Apple iPad: Uh, oh …

Apple has suffered another embarrassment. A security breach has exposed iPad owners including dozens of CEOs, military officials, and top politicians. They—and every other buyer of the cellular-enabled tablet—could be vulnerable to spam marketing and malicious hacking.

via Apple’s Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed.

culture, cooking, tv: I so agree, Cary!

So really, let’s admit what we’re after.  Not another way to do “Gazpacho for a Crowd.”  Not another “Easy Summer Picnic Menu.”  Not even “Perfect Margaritas Every Time.”  But people to have fun with, relaxing repasts, the safety of being with people who know and love us.

via Cooking Shows vs. Cooking « Holy Vernacular.

culture, law, Supreme Court, women’s issues:

“Recent grads shouldn’t get their hearts set on ‘having it all,’ ” Wu says. “The practice of law is demanding—exceedingly so. It is next to impossible to balance a full-time legal career with marriage, children and regular trips to the gym. It’s no coincidence that the two women most recently nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court—now-Justice Sonia Sotomayor and nominee/U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan—are unmarried and childless.”

via Partner Advises Women Law Grads to Value Adversity, Get Real About Balance – News – ABA Journal.


6.2.2010 … There are some things about turning 50 that are really really NOT fun …. 26 years today! … Si se puede

public art, Chicago:  I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I judge a city by its public art.

On July 7, Chicago-based contemporary artist Tony Tasset will unveil “EYE” — a lifelike three-story eyeball sculpture — at Pritzker Park at the corner of State and Van Buren.

An artist’s rendering of the 30-foot eyeball sculpture headed to Pritzker Park.

It will remain there through October.

via 30-foot eyeball sculpture coming to Pritzker Park :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State.

twitter, Davidson:  I really hope he gets his Davidson degree … Si se puede


Neve woulda thought I’d be studying Spanish trying to get that degree…bout to be bilingual folks. Si se puede

15 minutes ago v

via Twitter / Home.

public art, Chicago: I love this …

Blackhawk pride takes over Chicago’s public spaces – Captured.

technology, Apple apps: This one will be interesting.

Millions downloaded new iPhone 3G app in days – Skype

Wed 02 Jun, 2010 17:58

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Millions of consumers have downloaded a Skype Web telephony application that launched Sunday, allowing users of Apple Inc iPhone to use privately held Skype’s service over the cellular network for the first time, a Skype mobile executive said on Wednesday.

via Business finance news – currency market news – online UK currency markets – financial news – Interactive Investor.

culture, technology, faith:  Interesting … 911 challenged our core beliefs as a nation … But the BP disaster is challenging our core beliefs as well.

Americans have long had an unswerving belief that technology will save us — it is the cavalry coming over the hill, just as we are about to lose the battle. And yet, as Americans watched scientists struggle to plug the undersea well over the past month, it became apparent that our great belief in technology was perhaps misplaced.

This quote comes from a fine piece by Elisabeth Rosenthal in The New York Times last week on Americans and our faith in technological fixes.

This country was built with astonishing acts of engineering and remarkable leaps of science. In that sense we have led the world with our “its possible” attitude and ambitions.  Taken as a whole, this has been a good thing and defined us as a people.  But, as I have argued before, we are entering a new and different age which will require something more than naive technological boosterism.

via 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.

places, architecture:  I would love to see both of these.

Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House (1951, at left) and Philip Johnson’s Glass House (1949, below) are modernist siblings–steel and glass getaways for escaping the frenzy of city life and viewing the organic variety of nature through a resolutely right-angled architectural frame. Like brothers or sisters, each house has its own distinct traits. The Farnsworth, located along the Fox River in exurban Plano, Ill., is suspended dramatically above the ground while the Glass House, which sits on a hill in suburban New Canaan, Conn., is grounded firmly in the earth. Yet in the end, these two share the lineage of Mies’ inspiration (the design of the Farnsworth pre-dated that of the Glass House even though the latter was the first to be completed) and a pedigree. They are two of the greatest modernist houses of the 20th Century.

via Cityscapes | Chicago Tribune | Blog.

brands, children:  Edward knows every product that Nike produces … I even noticed he had this shoe pulled up on the internet  the other day.  Our kids are very brand loyal … something I don’t think began until the late 70’s or 80’s.  Shoe Business: Nike’s Iron Man 2 Dunks vs Twitter Customs | Fast Company.

tv, gLee:  bad episode … I kinda sensed it … no favorite lines for me.

Sadly, Glee’s final number of the night, “Give Up the Funk” by Parliament, meant to instill fear among their invited rival, was underdeveloped. Where’s the soul? Anger? Passion? Emotion? Isn’t that what this was supposed to be about? We haven’t been funked–we’ve been punk’d.

Best line of the night goes to Will, sexily delivered to Sue: “You know what Wednesday is, right? … Hump Day.”

via ‘Glee’ Season 1, Episode 21, ‘Funk’: TV Recap – Speakeasy – WSJ.

Atlanta, Lenbrook: My mom lives at Lenbrook … good work ladies!

The three ladies are participants in Lenbrook’s 10-member Sew What? volunteer group — the only organized volunteer program of its kind at the residence.

The 12-year-old group has produced countless baby caps and blankets handmade by the residents. In the last two years, the group donated more than 200 items for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

via Detail – Northside – Neighbor Newspapers.

Chicago, Wilmette, traditions:  I remember this from when we lived there … no caps and gowns … white dresses and white tuxedo coats … Do you know of another school public or private that does this?

With girls donned in white dresses and boys in white tuxedo coats, New Trier’s Class of 2010 graduated Sunday at Northwestern University’s Welsh-Ryan Arena.

via Graduation Day comes for New Trier’s seniors :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Winnetka Talk.

Chicago, green:  He’s got a point … but what does he mean by “more cleanable”?  How do you make something more cleanable?

Mayor Richard Daley says federal officials should concentrate on cleaning the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., and dealing with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico rather than ordering the clean-up of the Chicago River.

The mayor was responding to an Environmental Protection Agency letter calling on the Chicago River to be made clean enough that it is safe for swimming.

“Go swim in the Potomac,” Daley said when asked about the federal position during a City Hall news conference. “We’re trying to make this river every day more cleanable.

via Daley to feds: ‘Go swim in the Potomac’ – Chicago Breaking News.

Apple iPad:

This is the most striking statistic that has come out of a current survey that Citrix is conducting. The 494 respondents so far have indicated a high adoption rate and anticipation of the iPad as a business tool. To be clear this is not cross section of all businesses, rather it is mostly comprised of Citrix customers and those that have come to our website and have interest enough in the iPad to take a short survey.

via 84% of Businesses Surveyed Will Support Personal iPads » ocb – Citrix Community.

sports, baseball, Braves:  Once a Braves fan always a Braves fan … 🙂

The Braves finished off a three-game sweep of the defending NL champions and increased their lead in the East Division to 2½ games as they headed off on an 11-game road trip that could determine if they’re a true contender for their first playoff appearance since 2005.

via Infante’s RBI single carries Braves past Phillies  |

Apple/ATT:  Not surprising … but do I think it will be cheaper … I am not stupid.

The change, which takes effect next week for new AT&T customers, could mean lower rates for typical customers but higher costs for heavy data consumers. Current AT&T smartphone customers, however, can opt to keep their existing plans indefinitely, even if they switch phones, AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said.

via AT&T Moves Away From Unlimited-Data Pricing –

cars, RIP: I drove a Mercury Villager for 200,000 miles and 10 years … it was a good car.

The Ford Motor Company said Tuesday that it would stop production of Mercury vehicles in the fourth quarter and discontinue the brand.

via Ford Appears Ready to End Its Mercury Brand –

alarming:  Peru cops: Holloway suspect van der Sloot wanted for murder again – This Just In – Blogs.

random, cooking: homemade maraschino cheeries … I like the ones in a jar!

But they remind me of being a kid. In particular, they remind me of childhood Shirley Temples — the pink, imbibe-able bribe my sister and I got to sit still at our parents’ favorite steakhouse while they enjoyed their surf and turf. We would devote considerable effort to fishing out the cherry, the prize at the bottom of the fizzy Cracker-Jack box.

have to admit, although grudgingly, that those hot-pink orbs now seem too sticky-sweet to me. But with cherry season upon us, I’m gearing up to hit the market and make my own, from-scratch, very grownup maraschino cherries.

garden:  “Controversial”cilantro …

When you are a cooking instructor, the last thing you want is for a student to flee your class. It happened to me, but I swear it wasn’t my fault. It was the cilantro.

via Kitchen Window: Cilantro, The Controversial Herb : NPR.

Bookshelf: What’s on your bookshelf for the summer? I have a bag with 10 new books in it … hmm… challenge!  Booksellers’ Picks: 15 Soaring Summer Reads : NPR.


Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running! … -Forest Gump … week ending 5.15.2010

Week of June 9 – 15, 2010

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“A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt week ending 5.8.2010

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you say goodbye and i say hello … hello, hello … i don’t know why you say goodbye, i say hello … hello, hello – The Beatles week ending 5.1.2010

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